Mint Tracks: Beach House, Santigold, Unicorn Kid, and more!
Fresh new tracks to get your ears on this week.

Beach House: "Lazuli"

Beach House has not come out with an album since 2010's stellar Teen Dream, but I'm sure none of us have forgotten about them.  This week they dropped a new single off of their forthcoming album, Bloom, releasing May 15th on SubPop.  "Lazuli" opens up with a reminder of where Beach House came from: a steady, bright synth line that will instantly make itself recognizable.  About twenty seconds in, the duo's maturity shows as a wave of thick, dense production envelopes us, comforts us, opens before us into a milky dream-pop serenade. 

Santigold: "Disparate Youth"

Santigold has a new album coming out (which you can stream in its entirety here) and that has me excited.  This standout track isn't very similar to anything she's done to date.  Leaning heavy on a post punk vibe, Santigold manages to remind us that post punk CAN be dance-y, and in fact, maybe it should be.  


Peaking Lights: "Lo Hi"

Peaking Lights is a husband and wife team making, well, dub-pop.  Albeit a slightly esoteric label, when you listen to it, you'll understand.  With a groovin' dancehall bassline and reggae vibes, this single from their forthcoming album Lucifer, out June 18th via Mexican Summer, makes you want to put it on your ipod and drift in slow motion down the hazy streets.  Oh yeah, in this fantasy, everyone else is also listening to this.  And no one's feet are touching the ground.  And....  

Unicorn Kid: "Pure Space"

Electro-to-the-max, Unicorn Kid leaves no room in his mixes for anything.  Dense, exaggerated and full, his sound is exactly what you're looking for when you get your second wind at two in the morning at a 24 hour club in the bowels of Tokyo.  Except he's from Edinborough, one of the drearier cites I've ever been to.  I guess this is what keeps them sane living under those gray skies. 

Death Grips: "Hacker"

Death Grips are usually labeled as a "noise-rap outfit."  Intrigued?  This shit is scary, intense and kind of perverse.  At the same time however, it's frank, immidiate and pretty fun (in the best/worst/best way possible).  Industrial backing tracks illuminate the forceful, snotty vocals into a storm of filth and affirmation.  Just give it a listen and see for yourself, I'll stop trying to explain them while I'm still ahead.  

Laurel Halo: "Light + Space"

Her new album is coming out on HyperDub, the famed UK purveyor of dubstep and all it has to offer.  This first single from the album, however, may not be what you expect.  Surprise!  It's pretty ambient and emotive, with vocals, yes vocals, and not the sampled kind.  Halo's real honest-to-goodness vocals are upfront and direct, acting as the actual center point of this melancholy and beautiful track.

Squarepusher: "Dark Steering"

Squarepusher, pretty much as OG as you can get when talking about electronic music, is coming out with a new album on May 15, Ufabulum, out on Warp.  I couldn't just post the track, because the man has built and programmed one of the craziest lcd arrays I've ever seen to accompany this album, this song, this life.  If you weren't sure, and I'm still not convinced, Squarepusher is actually a human, not a robot.  See for yourself: