'Calling' on Alesso
Our exclusive interview with the rising DJ star on his breakout track "Calling," his inspirations, and what to expect next!

Amidst a busy touring schedule, we were able to grab an exclusive with one of EDM's biggest emerging young DJs, Alesso. Calling on the attention from peers such as Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, we find out why Alesso is a name that we'll keep watching for Years. 

Angela Samartano: MTV News recently named you one of their "Rookies to Watch in 2012." How did you first get your start in the electronic dance music scene? 

Alesso: I got a CD from one of my closest friends. There was some house music on it and fell in love with it.  I couldn't get enough and eventually started making my own music.  


AS: Your collaboration with Sebastian Ingrosso "Calling" was an EDM anthem throughout 2011 and now the vocal edit, "Calling (Lose My Mind)" continues to tear apart dance floors worldwide. How did you and Ingrosso decide to collaborate with each other?

Alesso: We started working together a year ago. I have always been a huge fan of Seb, and we spent a lot of time in the studio as I was learning.  We talked about collaborating for a long time and once we had the melody the rest was history. I love working with him and we've actually been talking about collaborating on another track. 


AS: How has the success of "Calling," both (instrumental and vocal edits) helped open doors for your career as a DJ/producer? Did you ever anticipate this song to become as popular as it has been?

Alesso: I actually had a feeling that this track was going to do well. I got goosebumps when I heard the finished edit in the studio.  There is so much happiness in that track. But at the end of the day, no matter how much you think its the best song in the world, you never know until its put out there.  This track has opened many doors for me.  


AS: Who would you say are some of your biggest influences on your music today? Why?

Alesso: That's a tough question. I get inspiration from all genres of music from Micheal Jackson to Coldplay, Keane to Adele, SHM to Hans Zimmer.


AS: Your remix of the Starkillers, Alex Kenji & Nadia Ali track "Pressure" just won an IDMA award for Best Progressive Track during Miami Music Week. How does it feel to have won the award? How did remixing the track come along?

Alesso: Feels great. That genre is huge within EDM music. I was requested by the label to work on a remix and I loved the vocal from the start.  I think it went pretty well!


  AS: This year was your very first Miami Music Week. What was your absolute favorite part about the experience?

Alesso: All the shows were great. I had my own show at Mansion. I did the Refune party, and 2 Masquerade Motel shows. I have never seen so many DJ together in the same place at one time.  Everyone is happy to be there, it was an all around great week.   


AS: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future that you have not worked with just yet?

There are some people I would love to work with.  The people who inspire me, like Coldplay and Adele, but there are a lot of new singers and producers coming up every day.  Its more about what you end up with and not particularly about who you collaborate with.  


AS: Coachella Week 1! How was it? How will you change things up for both weeks?

Alesso: Of course it's going to still be an Alesso show. I will change the set a bit but you want to give everyone the same experience.  


AS: What does the rest of 2012 have in store for Alesso? Can you give us any information on upcoming music, tours, or collaborations?

Alesso: I have a new track called "Years" coming out in May / June.  A new remix coming out by Keane "Silenced by the Night," and a new collaboration with Steve Angello and Sebastion Ingrosso that's not done yet. Of course lots of shows coming up like EDC Las Vegas and New York, Tomorrowland,  and tons of other festivals. I'm excited for all of them.


With a Coachella set that blew fans away, it's easy to tell why everyone loves Alesso. With a powerful set from start to finish, the crowd sung along to his songs like the Sahara Tent was a karaoke bar! We can't help but be excited for the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival performances from Alesso, knowing he's going to bring the party.

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