Angelina Lavo: The Princess & The Gangsta
We chat with the 'Risque' singer about her new album, her dream collaborations, and how America made her nicer.

Angelina Lavo, singing sensation from Russia, has made her way to the United States, becoming a big hit on YouTube. On April 18th, Angelina launched her debut EP album, Risque, at The Salon at Hudson Terrace. Her EP was produced by Grammy winner, Omen and features artists such as hip hop singer Twista, songwriter Jillian Gottlieb, and producer Lu Diaz. Her launch party was sponsored by Boutique Artists, Star Vodka, Legend of Kremlin Vodka, Omen, and other music industry execs. We got the chance to check out her performance at Hudson Terrace and chat with her about her blossoming career. See what this Russian babe has to say!

JB: How has your transition been from Russia to the States?

AL: When I first moved to the US I was confused and a little lost because the cultures are so different. I had
mixed feelings about it at first and then with time, I started to figure it out and the more I learned the
more I loved it. America taught me how to smile and how to be nice to people.

JB: What is the biggest difference you have noticed from the music scene in Russia and in the US?
AL: The overall quality of music is different. In America, people create music with such passion and I really
love that.

JB: Do you ever get nervous performing?
AL: I always get nervous right before I go on stage. Once I'm on the stage, I get a burst of energy, feel like
I'm in a different planet and all nervousness goes away.

JB: What artist would you most like to collaborate with in the future?
AL: I would love to collaborate with Pitbull or Madonna in the future. They are both talented and have such
great energy.

JB: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
AL: I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was 6 years old. That’s when I pretended to perform with my
hairbrush as a mic and that’s when I knew I loved to sing and perform.

JB: In Russia, you were part of a group. How has it been going from part of a group to a solo artist? What do you like and dislike about it?
AL: At first it's a little bit scary to become a solo artist. But then, once I started to actually work, it wasn't
that scary any more. I am growing to love being a solo artist. I like to keep everything under my control,
and I like to build my team and see all us grow together. At the same time it's a lot of responsibility but I
know I'm strong enough to handle it.

JB: For those who don't know, what can you tell us about your new album?
AL: I worked with a lot of great people on “Risque,” like Twista, Lu Diaz and his team and Omen.
People will have a lot of fun when they listen to this album and I hope for people to connect with me
when they listen to my songs and be able to relate to my music.

JB: What can we expect from you in the future?
AL: In the nearest future you will hear my new single "Cotton Candy” that features Twista and the rest of
the tracks off of my EP “Risque.” We will be putting out more videos, hot new singles and more live
performances. I already started working on my next album that I am thrilled about. My team and I are working hard, creating new music and we will continue to surprise fans so stay tuned!

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