Wolfgang Gartner, Pierce Fulton and Tommy Trash All Headin' to Miami!
Catch all three of these amazing DJ's at Amnesia Miami this weekend!


Miami is quickly becoming the go-to destination for EDM lovers here in the states.  After an incredible week-long ULTRA festival in March, the pace has not slowed one bit.  Wolfgang Gartner, American EDM's prodigal son, will be DJing this Friday along with Pierce Fulton at Amnesia Miami.  

Gartner may well be the biggest name in EDM at the moment, at least on this side of the pond, and has been for some time.  Following a slew of #1 tracks on Beatport, a grammy nomination, and an exciting 2011 album Weekend in America, Gartner has cornered and taken over the world of dance music.  Listen to his collaboration with Tiesto off the freshly released mix album, Club Life Vol. 2 Miami: 

Pierce Fulton, opening for Gartner, is an up-and-coming DJ that has his sights set high.  Making more laid back and groovy house, Fulton will serve as an interesting counterpoint to Gartner's in your face dance beats.  All in all, Friday night at Amnesia is sure to be a blast.  Click it.

If that wasn't enough, Tommy Trash will be headlining Amnesia this Saturday!  Yup, you read that right, so by my calculations, that gives you about 20 hours to recuperate and get psyched up between the two shows.   (Notice how I assumed everyone is going to both, because really, why wouldn't you?)

Tommy Trash has taken the club scene by storm, and when I say storm I really mean apocalypse.  Listen to this track from his ep The End and tell me you were ready for it...




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