Angelica Salem: Rising Teen Pop Star
The popstar dishes in dancing, her music, charity, and secret talents!

Angelica Salem is not your average 19-year-old girl. She is not only a recording artist, but also a current freshman student at Pace University. The upcoming pop sensation is majoring in commercial dance while preparing to debut her EP set for a release in late Spring. Last year, Angelica released We Rock the World, that attracted the ear of Andy Hilfiger as he was launching his line Andrew Charles. She was invited to perform at the collection unveiling. Angelica is currently working with some top-level producers such as Jump Smokers and Jerry Wonder, who you might recognize from working with big names like Akon, Justin Beiber, and Mary J. Blige. It's safe to say we can expect big things from this young lady! Luckily, Joonbug was able to snag an interview before she becomes too busy!

You currently balance school and your singing career. How do you have time for both?

I've had a crazy schedule pretty much my whole life so I've really learned how to balance out everything that I need to get done. It was definitely a little tricky this year since it was my first year of college and I have really been working hard on my music career but I managed. I love what I do and I think it is important to get a college degree so I make it work.

You are majoring in commercial dance. Does this mean we will get to see a lot of shimmying in your music videos?

Haha let's hope so! Dancing has always been a part of my life, even though I consider myself a little bit more of a singer. But I'd love to dance more in my videos so definitely watch out for that! 

Is there any special someone in your life?

Right now my family and my friends are my special someone’s. I have the best support team I could ever ask for and they are always here to help me succeed. I know I can count on them to be by my side through it all. I'd be nowhere without my family!

How would you describe your music?

My music is fun. It's pop/dance so I have some great beats. I love being able to dance to music but I also love being able to relate to the lyrics of a song when I'm listening to it. So I definitely try to concentrate on having music that tells a story.

 You are going to be releasing an album soon. What can we expect to hear on it?

You can expect to hear some Pop music, along with some big club beats. Also, I’m hoping to throw in a ballad or two. I've been Broadway and classically trained since I was 5 years old, so I love being able to sit back and really belt out a song. I want people to be able to relate to my music whether it's a dance song or a ballad. So you'll definitely hear some great stuff!

You started your own charity called Voice of an Angel. Could you tell us a bit about that and what made you decide to start this particular kind of charity?

I started Voice of an Angel for my 16th birthday, which was when I was beginning to record my own music for the first time. I was having a huge Sweet 16 and there were a lot of people going through rough times. I had eventually wanted to start my own charity and I figured why not start now? So with the help of my family I started Voice of an Angel. Everyone who came to my Sweet 16 party donated and that was the official launch of the charity. It's a non-profit organization and we've donated to a bunch of different causes like helping put kids through school, Haiti, struggling families in need, and our largest donation so far was for the Bennett Cancer Center in Stamford, CT. Last January I had a concert in Stamford with popular artists Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Iyaz, New Boyz, Jadakiss and more. We ended up raising $50,000 for the Bennett Cancer Center. It's really been awesome with the amount of people who support it. 

What else can you tell us about yourself that not many people know?

I was a competitive Irish Dancer for about 10 years. That was a huge part of my life for a very long time and I credit it for teaching me how to have confidence on stage. I got to travel over seas to compete and made some of my greatest friends. It was really an awesome part of my life.

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