Review: BEARCAT Roars at Webster Hall Studio
The fiery red songstress proves she's one of the best upcoming acts of 2012!

Renee Yohe (known for her role with nationally recognized non-profit 'To Write Love on Her Arms') brought her musical endeavor BEARCAT to Webster Hall studio on Friday, May 25 and led the audience through an adventure of solid pop driven tracks (all from her upcoming BEARCAT EP) flawlessly. 

The Florida native has been getting a slew of positive press lately and for good reason: Renee can put on a show. Vocals on point, audience engaged; everything an artist can only hope to have when they're just starting out.
Opening with her anthem for independence, "I Am Me," Renee had the crowd pumped until the very end with hopeful semi-ballad "The Nothing." It should be noted here that Renee is also one of the few acts who sound just as amazing - if not better - live. That's a pretty big opinion of someone who's just starting out.
The show was brought to an end with a cover of Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood," easily one of the best covers done by an artist - the fiery redhead cranked out this tune better than Gorillaz themselves. If it weren't for a word count, this review could really had just said "every new artist needs to do whatever it is BEARCAT is doing." Fans agreed, although a bit less elegantly. At one point during the set, a man turned to his friend and exclaimed, "I feel like I just died and went to musical heaven. Who is she?"
That articulate man was in the minority, however. When concertgoers first checked in, they were asked which band they were there to see. It was no surprise that BEARCAT had actually won the tally by far. And it's not far fetched to say she's going to keep winning.
Some photos from the show:
Photos courtesy of John Sanvidge