Digging in with J. Dash
Our exclusive interview with J. Dash on his dream collab, being a rapper/pianist, and the two special ladies in his life!

If you're familiar with Flo Rida, you're probably familiar with his friend and colleague, hip hop artist J. Dash. Also from Florida, this artist has recently made a huge splash in the music world with his top-of-the-charts single, "WOP." The single comes off his debut album, Tabloid Truth, and has reached the Top 100 on the Billboard charts. The album is sold exclusively through Wal-Mart. J. Dash chats with us about his past musical experience, his new album, and the lovely ladies of his life.

You are a piano prodigy who records hip hop music. Will we hear you playing piano in any of your tracks?

Absolutely! I actually produced a majority of my album and most of it is done with keyboards and beat machines. So the bulk of those tracks and the ones I co-produced you can hear me playing keys as well as on the title track.
Do you have any favorite tracks off your album 'Tabloid Truth'?
 I would say I have a top three. “Life” is up there because it is a journey through life in a musical form…I love that song. “Tabloid Truth” because it’s the realest song I ever wrote, and “WOP” because it changed my life.

What can we expect to hear on 'WOP Euro Mix' set to release this summer?
The song is actually already out! This is meant as our intro to other countries. It’s the number four record in Germany right now and we’re aiming to push it into the UK for the Olympics and spread across the globe. People love the original record but the response to this new version has been incredible!

Do you think your friendship with musician Flo Rida has helped boost your music career in any way? What have you learned from him?

I would definitely say its helped my career. Flo’s name has a huge reach so when they see him in a video that’s some major validation. I think the greatest thing I’ve learned from Flo is to keep going but also think outside the box. Flo is not afraid to try new things and that’s what I’ve gleaned off of him, I try to do some fun stuff out of my comfort zone.

How did you come up with the concept for your YouTube Street Team?
The concept of the street team has been around forever but the majority of my fans came through YouTube and the viral marketing campaign was a big focus to us so myself and Ken Underwood, the CEO of StereoFame Records, came up with this strategy and it naturally progressed from there.

Who is one artist you would love to collaborate with?
I have to pick one? Ahhh Cee Lo Green.

Is there any place in particular you would love to perform?

Right now Germany! I can’t wait to get over there.

Any ladies in your life?

Absolutely. I have two awesome ladies in my life. I have my girl and I also have my daughter. That’s my home team right there!

Any hints as to what we can expect next?

Right now we are pushing “Transformer” and “WOP EURO.” We will also be releasing “Tabloid Truth” as a single shortly. I’m about to shoot a video for Smash Mouth’s new single and I’m still doing some production stuff, a song of mine was actually selected as the theme song for MTV’s Hip Hop POV. Last but never least, I’m also looking at beats and getting to work on my next record!