The Inner Workings of Canadian Singer NvS
We chat with NvS about her naughty alter egos, her latest single, "Between My Thighs."

NvS, hot new artist hailing from Canada (eh), is fighting her way up to the top. Having recently received a number of accolades, including Juno Award nomination and Best New Artist at the Canadian Radio Awards, she is now making herself known in the US. Bystorm Entertainment, who has signed her on, also has managed big names like J. Cole, Kardinal Offishall, and home of the Notorious B.I.G. The singer is currently working on her debut album, produced by Midi Mafia and Teddy Riley. The sexy singer dishes to Joonbug about her naughty alter egos, her latest single, "Between My Thighs," and what she up to now.

How did you pick the name NvS?

It’s actually an acronym for my real name. Funny story though, I had a friend who made a joke about NvS, saying it stands for "No Vaginas Sold".

Who would you liken yourself to most as an artist?

That’s a really hard question! I don’t think I would compare myself to anybody to be honest.

Tell us about your alter egos-- Peggy Pigtails and Naughty Nirv.

Peggy is the four-year-old me, uninhibited with a crazy imagination and believes that anything is possible. Nirv is vocal and outspoken, very forward and blunt with her emotions. The two combined create a fun and honest approach to life. 

Your latest single, 'Between My Thighs,' cuts right to the chase. Are you equally as right-to-the-point?

Absolutely! I grew up in a household with 3 brothers. There was no beating around the bush so I’m very blunt and forthcoming.

Do you miss living in Canada?

I split my time between Toronto and New York so I’m still there a lot.

What other types of songs will we hear on your debut album? What are they about and what is their sound like?

The album talks about my life experiences so everything that I sing and write about comes from an honest and truthful place. The album is about love, pain, living and celebration, Backed by feel good music that will create an emotional experience for the listener. It's a good time. [laughs]

Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I’m working on my EP, which I plan on releasing before the end of the summer. It will be called “Who Is NvS?” and will be a free download for my fans! You can also download  the singles for free now on my website www.whoisnvs.com and make sure to follow me on Twitter @whoisnvs and Facebook.com/whoisnvs.