The Many Hats of Alex Gaudino
Our Q & A with the multi-talented Italian DJ/Producer.


Italian producer and DJ Alex Gaudino has been a big name in the business for over a decade. His hit track, 'Destination Calabria,' swept dancefloors across the globe in 2007. Having founded two labels, RISE and Magnificent Records, it seems the house music master has done it all, from finding talent as A&R to producing original chart-toppers. We had a chance to sit down with him to get the scoop on how he manages to excel at all of it. 

When did you first begin producing music/DJing, and when did it hit you that this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

Alex: I started producing quite late, though I started DJing earlier. But this is what I’ve wanted to do since I was 15.

You said in a previous interview that growing up you were a fan of disco and electropop. Do you still listen to that in your spare time, or have your musical tastes changed since childhood?

Alex: I listen to all genres of music. There’s something I like in most types of music and something I can draw inspiration from.

When you’re producing music, do you ever just know, while working on a particular song, “Ok, this song is going to be huge”?

Alex: You feel a little spark and you sense a track could do well but it’s hard to predict if anything’s really going to be a hit.

You’ve worked with artists such as Kelly Rowland, Crystal Waters, etc. Is there any artist in particular that you’ve had the most fun working with? 

Alex: Working with Kelly was wonderful. With Taboo, we have a lot of creative fun in the studio together and there is massive mutual respect.

What was the inspiration behind your first album, ‘My Destination’ and your second album, ‘Magnificent’? Were you going for any key differences in sound or message?

Alex: 'My Destination' was my first album so there was perhaps a certain lack of experience. The second album is a more detailed, thought through project with a lot of guest artists we’re honored to work with. The message is still the same – "Enjoy the party!" But I think the new album has a professional and musical maturity the first album doesn’t.

You’re part of the Lil’ Love trio – how did that collaboration come about? 

Alex: It was one of my first productions. We had this idea of sampling Coldcut's "People Hold "On and the track did well.

You are a producer, a remixer, a label manager…it's safe to say you wear many hats. Do you have a favorite? 

Alex: I love what I do; there’s a space for every hat.