Boys Noize and Skrillex Reveal Collaborative Project 'Dog Blood'
Electronic world abuzz with news of joint effort between one of the biggest names in EDM and his underground counterpart

Last week Skrillex posted a teaser video on his Facebook page for a song entitled Next Order.  The track came from unknown artist Dog Blood, whose premier EP was scheduled to be released Monday, August 13.  Labeled simply as “MIDDLE FINGER ACID TERROR from Boysnoize Records and OWLSA," many were scrambling to figure out just who Dog Blood was.  Not soon after, both an official Facebook page and Twitter account associated with the act soon appeared.  It didn’t take much time for fans to discover that the Facebook page identified the members of the group as Alex Ridah and Sonny Moore; Boys Noize and Skrillex respectively. 

Fans of both producers responded in shock.  Boys Noize and Skrillex coming from very different spectrums of the EDM scene.  Despite the fans’ surprise, the preview has already received well over 100,000 views and largely positive feedback.    

Middle Finger, the groups first EP, was released Monday.  It contains the tracks Middle Finger and Next Order.  Overall, the EP draws heavily on the electro sound from 2006-2007, best characterized by artists like Justice and SebastiAn, with snippets of acid and techno that have long characterized Boys Noize’ sound, as well as that of contemporaries such as Brodinski and Gesaffelstein.  For fans of Boys Noize, the EP is exactly what they should come to expect from the German producer; yet the sound is uncharted territory for Skrillex.  The EP seems to represent a departure from the drops and wobbles that have popularized Skrillex’s to a more house and techno sound.  Whatever the future may hold for either artist, Middle Finger is a powerful EP that is sure to prove popular on dance floors everywhere. 

Middle Finger is available through Boysnoize Records, more information avaible here.