Obama Calls On DJs For Campaign Support
'DJs for Obama' hopes to give the president a "re-load"

Once an underground movement which usually invoked ideas of drug use, graffitti, and other illegal activities, DJ culture has worked its way from the streets of the inner city all the way to the White House.  In the latest strategy to reach out to the younger generation, 'DJs for Obama' calls on such household names as Steve Aoki, DJ Cassidy, D-Nice, DJ Rashida, Irie, and Adam 12 among others for campaign support.  

In many ways it's a modern version of the non-partisan 'Rock the Vote' effort, which in 2008 registered a mind blowing 2.5 million voters (making up HALF of the total 5 million voters registered by the program since its inception in 1992).  And who better to do it than the first presidential candidate to incorporate social networking sites in his previous campaign?

In this latest video, DJ Cassidy says "DJ's are about motivation, inspiration, celebration -- that's why I think it makes perfect sense not only to celebrate this man, but to motivate to reelect him," adding that regardless of whether or not you're a DJ there are other great ways to contribute using your talents. "If you're a painter, paint a campaign poster. If you're a sewer, sew a campaign T-shirt."

Another indiciator that 2012 truly may be the year of the DJ -as of this year, MTV has announced a new 'Best Dance Music Video' category for its annual Video Music Awards ceremony in September), EDM and DJ culture seems to have finally made itself appealing to a mainstream audience in America.  However, according to an article in the LA Times, this trend also benefits the Republican Party via casinos and club giants that book musical acts such as Skrillex, Steve Angelo, and Afrojack and in return donate large amounts to Super PACs founded by the likes of Karl Rove and Mitt Romney.

Regardless of who it benefits or who you support, it's an exciting time to be involved in the politics of dancing.