'CBGB' Wraps Filming
Movie chronicles the legendary Downtown NYC music venue

Forty years ago, the late club owner Hilly Kristal could never have imagined the day his new bar's toilets, phone booth, pieces of it's walls and the entire bar itself would be shipped across the country to Savannah, Georgia as part of an effort to shoot a feature film documenting his now legendary CBGB & OMFUG.  But that's exactly what writer Jody Savin and director Randall Miller have done in attempt to keep their aptly titled movie 'CBGB' as authentic as possible.

The film which was also shot in parts of NYC as well as Hilly Kristal's farm in New Jersey, follows the story of the legendary downtown New York club known for spawning key Punk Rock and New Wave acts like Blondie, Ramones, the Talking Heads, Television, Misfits, the B-52s, and countless others.  "It is a story of Hilly and how he basically was the catalyst for this gigantic, sea-changing music. And he didn't set out to do that initially, but he became sort of the godfather of punk and underground rock," Miller told Rolling Stone.  Director Jody Savin added "Places that opened their arms to music, art, poetry – anything – were the places we went to. And Hilly definitely had that,"

CBGB will feature a mix of established actors and several well known musicians, some of which were original patrons of the venue.  Two notable actors are Alan Rickman (the bad guy in the Harry Potter series) will play the role of Hilly Kristal, and Rupert Grint (aka Ron Weasly also from the Harry Potter series) will play the role of Cheetah Chrome, famed guitarist of the Dead Boys.  Some other notable appearances are Cheetah Chrome himself who plays a stuffy cab driver who can't stand punk rock, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkings who will fill the role of Iggy Pop, and model/actress Malin Ackerman playing Blondie.  

The 100 minute feature is currently in the editing stages of post-production and is expected for a 2013 release.