Danny Avila's NYC Debut
EDM prodigy Danny Avila spins at Stone Rose Lounge NYC

This past Wednesday the flashing lights of New York’s posh Stone Rose Lounge were focused on EDM prodigy Danny Avila. The seventeen year old music sensation’s New York debut was back dropped by 2012’s Mercedes Benz fashion week as fans of entertainment and style gathered to witness this monumental event. The Justin Bieber of the EDM world arrived at the Rose around midnight, beginning his set with some downtempo and deep house grooves that climaxed with a barrage of heart-pumping electro house mashups.

Avila’s talent lies in his focus and ability to transmit his youthful vigor into every performance, so as the champagne poured and the lights strobed the crowd surged with each time-change and roared with every syncopated rest, feeding off Avila's jovial vibe. By the end of the set the crowd was responding to the Spaniard's every gesture—virtually fist pumping in the palm of his hand. Winner of the coveted “Best DJ Newcomer” prize at the 2011 Vicious Music Awards prepare for Danny Avila's conquest of the US. He is currently on the “Ready to Jump” tour alongside DJ Tap Tap and Darrius Washington.