The Many Faces of Stephan Jacobs
Producer talks burning man, EDM, and the DJ Life.

















LA-based DJ and producer (not to mention Burning Man veteran) Stephan Jacobs has been dubbed one of the "most promising DJs coming out of the West Coast bass music scene." Currently releasing music under a variety of aliases in addition to perfecting his own individual sound, Jacobs is a prime example of versatility. An original member of the Headtron crew, he's best known for his live sets and high-energy orginal production style.

AM: Can you tell us about your early days starting out as a DJ and producer?


Stephan: Sure, I got a set of turntables when I was 16. I didn’t really know anything about the electronic music scene at the time but was heavily influenced by hip hop music in general. My main focus at the time was to just get really good at mixing beats together.

AM: When you were starting out, did you toy with any stage names?

Stephan: Actually I did with a few. For a minute I was “Special” then for a while I was “Square-1” and I actually liked that name. It wasn’t until I went to do my first release with a record label and found out that there were two other “Square-1's” on Beatport that I pulled the trigger and started using my name.

AM: What do you think about the current culture surrounding EDM?

Stephan: I don’t think its just one culture; there are so many different scenes within it. For example the Burning Man scene and the EDC scene. It really is growing to be a very special place for anyone interested in this music.


AM: You’ve played at Burning Man several times now. How does your first experience compare with your most recent?

Stephan: I’ve been five times now and being a DJ/producer was one of the reasons I went out there the first time. I have friends with sound camps and I was eager to play at any time. Now, I get to play main time on a lot of the big sound camps. Although I didn't go this year I had a lot of awesome time slots offered to me.


AM: Many fans think you guys live a very glamorous lifestyle. Is the life of a touring DJ/producer how you imagined it would be?

Stephan: Not at first; it took a long time of really hanging in there and getting my name out for years producing and putting out the music. I recently heard a saying that has really stuck with me. “Music is not a sprint to the finish, its an endurance challenge." So true. I’m 10 years into this and it feels like it is just lifting off.

AM: Anything we should look forward to?

Stephan: I am going on a national tour with ill.Gates from Nov. 30-Dec.13 and playing at Art Outside in Texas and Lunacy Festival in Santa Barbara, CA. Musically, I’m finishing up my album right now and working on some other collaborations – one is with Metaphase. Nit GriT and I are also working on some more Pizza Party music for early next year.