The New Sound of Rock 'n Roll
Capital Moustache is the future of jam music

Article by Brian Nowakowski

Have you ever felt what it's like to be on the cusp of something huge? Something that, if nurtured, encouraged, and let run wild, will be bigger than anything you could imagine?  Well, take a listen to Capital Moustache and their wall of imagined sound and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.  With the self-release of their debut album Double Ghost, Capital Moustache tears through established genres of sound and have built a fiery, powerful space all their own.  The best part is all of us are welcome to live there.  It's time you met the new sound of Rock 'n Roll with it's pioneers Steve Discenza (lead guitar), Tom Matarazzo (rhythm guitar), John LaPolla (bass), Jim Roden (drums), and Leann Kalpakis (vocals).

Gaining much deserved momentum as they charge through the New York music scene, these five Empire State natives have melded jazz, funk, grind core, space rock, freedom, an intellectual angst, and love into one. The result? A successful experiment deeming the future of jam music.  Discenza shreds the ax on lead as if Phish's Trey Anastasio morphed with Jimi Hendirx and they had Beethoven's baby.  While Matarazzo crunches and soothes with calculated rhythmic riffs dancing somewhere between Led Zepplin and George Harrison; Jupiter and the Center of the Earth. It's danceable, it's raw, it's heavy, it's soul.  

It's no far cry to say these musicians know what they are doing. Schooled from the far reaches of classical, to self-taught extraordinaryism, Capital Moustache keeps us guessing while continuously moving.  "Watermelon Party Hat", starts off with an insatiably dark, Primus infused bass riff compliments of the powerfully funky LaPolla, and turns into a spaced-out rock jam, bouncing between time signatures so seamlessly that not one dance step is out of sync with the music. 7/8 to 7/6 has never felt so natural.  At 12:57, "Watermelon Party Hat" is the longest track on the album, however, not one second of that is wasted. Like a cross country train ride, there's something new around every turn.  "Watermelon's…" fire drastically dims in it's middle, mutating into a ravaging heartbeat of the night, before climbing back up the mountain where Kalpakis belts out her "Whoas." 

Kalpakis reminds us to maintain the silly in life, but never to lose the strength within. Her tales of struggle, of love, of life traversing through the upper atmosphere make her voice not a mere melody, but an instrument unto itself.  The emotions of her words are electrically transmitted through the ears and felt in the body like being slapped in the face with a sack of quarters and broken glass.  The heart wrenching closing track, "Just Breakfast", boasts an enigmatic and relatable story of loss. "Can't, can't you see it's drowning me, just set me free. I can't breathe under here it's both water and fear. Won't you please take my hand, we could do this all again. Your vicious sexy kills…"  

Through the entire album, drummer Roden has taken his obvious hard rock music roots and blended them with staccatoed, off-beat timings and jazz-infused rhythms that drive Capital Moustache as much as they maintain the balance.  In the end, these five visionaries aren't taking existing music to a new place; they are instead building an entirely fresh, loud, and soulful universe for you to take part in.  Get lost in Double Ghost.

One thing is for sure, Capital Moustache's vicious sexy is not to be missed.  Especially now, before they blow up.  Luckily for you they're next show is tonight, September 21st, 9pm at Bar East, 1733 1st Ave. New York, NY (between 90th and 89th Streets).    

Listen to their track titled "Just Breakfast" below and for more info visit their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CapitalMoustache