Breaking Bands: Hussle Club and the Children Of The Underground
The group debuts their new album



"Everyone in NYC hustles," says Hussle Club frontman Prince Terrence, "They hustle to work they hustle from work. They have different hustles on the side. Hustling is the NYC way of life. It’s one of the worlds great mysteries… How do New Yorkers get by on this tiny island full of trash, rats and overpriced rent. The name is pretty much just another name for New York City." 

Naming the special needs students that he spent 3 years teaching as one of his greatest influences, Prince Terrence comes from a strong musical background that started at an early age. He played in both symphonic band and Marching Band, where he credits learning every percussion instrument as well as every scale on piano.

He started his professional career as the drumer for many bands- Santigold, Young Love, Spank Rock, Major Lazer, and Amazing Baby, to name a few examples- before beginning Hussle Club. Deciding that "it was time to step out from behind the drum kit", he began exploring other aspects of his musical knowledge as a "new outlet to channel his ideas."

While Terrence writes and performs all of the instruments on their recordings, Hussle Club joins forces to create something of a super group of performers for their live performances.  Their guitar player Todd Weinstock is a founding memeber the immensely popular hardcore band Glassjaw, their keyboard player Carol Sharks formerly played for the Slits and White Diamonds, Su Swann plays bass and was formerly with Cruel Black Dove and their drummer Jeremy Wolfe Kivett plays in an electronic glitch punk side project called Bluebird.

After touring recently with goth legend Peter Murphy (whose band Bauhaus first informed us that Bela Lugosi's Dead) and She Wants Revenge, Hussle club has just released their debut album "Children of the Underground," along with a music video of the same name.  Directed by Bijoux Altamirano, the concept of the video was to capture the essence of New York City's underground scene.  "That's what the band is about, that's what the song is about," said the mightly Prince "In the video we weren't acting it's honest and sincere young people having fun."

You can download the album for free via Scion A/V BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE