Mixtape Monday 001

Welcome to the newest addition to Joonbug.com: Mixtape Monday.  Starting this week, we will be featuring some of the hottest new sounds, most awesome music videos, or just straight up classics to get your week started off right.  Got any recommendations?  Any requests?  Feel free to leave them in the comment box below, and be sure to check back each week for the new edition!


What needs to be said for the Flosstradamus remix of Major Lazer's "Original Don."  It essentially triggered an entire wave of EDM (Electric Dance Music) Trap music that's taking over EVERYTHING in the underground right now.



This video is just creepy.  And it goes to show how dark and yet well-produced dubstep videos have become. It also serves as a reminder of how GROSS centipedes are.



We originally covered this video when it first came out four weeks ago.  However, it's another great example of the quality and creativity behind a lot of dubstep videos lately



This one's SO hot off the press it doesn't even have a video.  I predict this, along with a couple other singles from Kreayshawn's new album are the next wave of club floor anthems in the making



A former back up dancer for M.I.A., Rye Rye has been making a steady rise to the top of the B'more Club game for about three years now.  Watch out for her on the forthcoming 'Group Hug' tour with Kreayshawn, Chippy Nonstop and Honey Cocaine



Steve Aoki teams up with Angger Dimas and Australian born rapper Iggy Azalea to put the beat down.  She (Iggy Azalea) is gonna be one to really keep yer eye on, I predict a big year is coming up for her.