New Crystal Castles Video
'Plague' marks a decidedly darker turn in the group's otherwise electro sound

One of the great things about the Toronto based atari-electro dance/punk duo Crystal Castles is their level of consistency.  Every two years, since the inception of the group in 2004, has marked a new release (starting with the ground breaking 2006 release of the Alice Practice EP) from the pair.  In March, it became apparent that they are still right on schedule when it was announced that they were in the studio for a third full length album release.

If you're not familiar with the background of Crystal Castles, their story is actually pretty interesting (and possibly inappropriate).  In 2004, a much older Ethan Kath went to see a punk band called 'Femme Fatale,' featuring a 15-year-old lead singer by the name of Alice Glass.  Convinced she was an "undiscovered poet," Kath asked her to record some vocals over a few tracks that he had been working on.  

During the studio sessions, an engineer secretly hit the record button while Alice warmed up her vocals. Upon Ethan's discovering of the secret outtake, he aptly turned the acappella into a song and posted it online along with a few songs from the same recordings. 

Over the next year, the song gained a lot of attention and as record labels began to line up at the gates of the Crystal Castles, Alice -who had since lost touch with Ethan completely-  found herself quite shocked to be at the forefront of the Internets next big thing.  In fact, she still hadn't been aware that 'Alice Practice' even existed!  

Supporting their new full length release set for November, a new single "Wrath Of God" comes out September 26th.  Until you can get your hands and ears on it, enjoy this new fan-made music video which just came out yesterday.  Featuring footage from the original 1981 version of the film "Posession," the band liked it so much they made it the official video for the first single from the album.

Without further a due, I present to you: "Plague."