Timeflies Takes Control
Joonbug chats with the guys after their sold-out show in NYC

This past Friday, Timeflies took over Terminal 5 in NYC. They played to a packed crowd of screaming fans and proved they are players to watch out for in the music world. The stage presence between Cal and Rez was filled with charisma as they connected with their fans from the stage. Accompanying that charisma, was an immense amount of energy showcasing their versatile approach to each song they performed. The guys were pumped being in their respective hometown and it showed. They played a mix of well-known songs (with a Timeflies twist, of course!) as well as their own productions.

The duo is currently on their first headling tour, 'The One Night Tour,' which goes through November hitting 35 cities. We were able to catch up with them to see what their production routines are, how social media has helped them and what type of music they plan on making in the future.

First off, how did Timeflies come about? We had been making music for a while for fun and our buddy (now full-time manager) sent our stuff over to a few blogs and they picked it up.  We decided if they liked those tracks, we should probably try to make something serious.We locked ourselves away for three-days and put out our first release, All Night. 

Your sound is really energetic. How would you describe it? Thanks. We usually say hip-pop electro dub-something.  Basically, we try to use lots of elements from different genres to get something unique and exciting.  Lot of our stuff is dancey but plenty is also laid back. 

How do you guys collaborate when making new remixes and original tracks? The process is really different every time.  Sometimes we'll start with a hook one of us wrote, or sit down and come up with it together.  Often then we'll write verses, together or for the more rap stuff just Cal, and then build the song around that.  Record the vocals and then build the beat around those.  It’s sort of like remixing yourself.

How has 'Timeflies Tuesday' made an impact with your fans? Timeflies Tuesday has definitely been a huge part of our success and an even bigger part of our relationship with our fans.  People get to see us in the studio, and hang out with us every week. YouTube and social media in general has made it so much easier for people to connect and we really strive to use technology to let people in on our lives.  We have a lot of fun making music and we want to let our fans in on that experience. 

Electronic music already has and is continuing to climb in the music world. You guys have that electro/dubstep factor. Do you plan on making more music towards that genre or taking more of an initiative to keep your sounds an eclectic mix of genres? Definitely!  The Scotch Tape was our first real project so although we were excited to mix different sounds, we couldn't get too aggressive.  We're definitely excited to release some laid back acoustic stuff, but also ready to bring more face melting to our live show.  Trance and progressive have already blown up, dubstep is pretty in right now, and actually we just got into trap and trapstep which is where it’s at.  Rez especially, but both of us listen to a lot of electro stuff - Porter, Cryptex, Madeon, Overwerk. Music is in a huge transitional period and not to get to deep into it, but a lot more is becoming about frequency manipulation and we're really excited to be both heavily invested in that shift in the way the world views composition, but also keep a focus on lyrical content / and good song writing.