One on one with the mastermind behind 'Pressure'

He's responsible for one of the biggest tracks in electronic dance music this past year, he's just released a brand new track, and he is also the genius behind the name Starkillers. He is Nick Terranova. The talented producer/DJ has been an electric powerhouse for years now, creating music that illuminates every dance floor. We were able to catch up with Nick, to talk about his new release, his dance floor anthem "Pressure," and what he has planned for the future.

You just released a brand new track, a collaboration with Richard Beynon and Natalie Peris - "What Does Tomorrow Bring." Can you tell me a little bit about the release? It came about because I was working with Natalie first, and I had the vocal, and I started messing around with some beats and stuff like that. And then she came to LA, and we were messing around, like "Hey what do you think of this," and then we started writing some melodies, and it kind of happened from there. I thought it was good, but at the same time, I'm always an artist and myself, doubting my work. So I didn't realize how big the record is now. I never thought it was going to be like this kind of thing where Universal picks it up then it blows over on BBC Radio1 and all this stuff. It's kind of cool.

You've had a number of extremely well-received songs over the years from "Discoteka" to "Scream" to the more recent "Keep It Coming" with Nadia Ali, and of course "Pressure" also with Nadia and  Alex Kenji. It's been in countless sets and supported by some really influential DJs and producers, from the huge festivals to the clubs. How does it feel, and how was it to have created such an infectious piece of music? I mean, obviously when you're doing it, you don't think it's going to get that big or whatever, but it's amazing. It's great that my mind thought the way I think, and it was able to strike that many people. Whenever you're making a song, you obviously want to be received, but when it's received on that level, it's awesome to hear that, and i'ts a blessing. It's great to get that kind of acknowledgement more or less.

Did you realize it was going to be such a big hit for you before you released it? No, I thought it was a good record, but I did it more classically. You can never predict a hit. Things that I thought would take off and go through the roof, don't ever catch on, and then other things, I'm like "What?!" I mean I knew it was a good song. I knew I had something that everybody could identify with more or less, I think that's the most important thing. But no, I never thought it was going to be what it is today. You can never go into it thinking like "Hey I'm going to make a hit record" kind of thing, because you'll set yourself up for disappointment everytime. You kind of just have to put it out there and let things happen. I was just blessed on this fortunate event.

You've obviously been in the industry for quite a while. What has been your favorite part or what has been your most memorable experience in your musical career? My favorite part of my career is that I'm able to express myself, and that's important to me. As a young kid, I always kind of wanted to lead, and be someone who could influence people. And that's been the most amazing part of it is just being able to influence people, and get reactions, and make people feel a certain way. The most memorable moment, I would say when I was in Houston with Nadia, we did this amazing show, and the show just errupted. I mean it was like nothing I had ever seen before. Between the energy of Nadia being there and then just my set, it was a very magical night.

Where does the name 'Starkillers' come from? It comes from Star Wars. Basically Anakin Skywalker's original name was Anakin Starkiller. I thought it was cool, and that was kind of basically how it came about.

I've read that you don't try to sound like anyone else, and I believe that to be true. I think you definitely have your own style and what you create always has a distinct sound. But is there anyone that you draw influence from, even when you were first starting out? Or anyone that you looked up to or listened to before you started producing? People that I have looked up to would be somebody like Axwell. I really liked his musical talent, and I have for a long time way back. In about 2002/2003 when he kind of first popped on the scene, I really liked what he was doing. He's kind of someone I look at. But I don't ever try to sound like anyone else, I just do what I think is cool. But his music is so impactful. He's has been really nice when I met him, really cool. And Tiesto too, he's really nice as well. I'd like to kind of sit down and talk with him.

What is on your personal playlist right now? It's all tracks that are brand new that I've finished. But I like Pink Floyd a lot, and classic rock. I'm from that kind of background more or less.

Just going off of your most recent release, what does tomorrow bring for you? What is in the works for you at the moment and what can we expect to see for the rest of 2012 and beyond? I have another single  that is coming out on MixMash, which is Laidback Luke's label, it's called "Rampage." That's with Richard Beynon as well. And then I also have a collaboration with DJ Blend. He's got like two million likes on his page, and this is basically the first song I've produced with him, and that's coming out on Spinnin'.