Mixtape Mondays 003
Rock out with this weeks playlist

We're feeling really casual on this muggy Monday in the midst of an October fall.  But, we still feel like rocking out on what's probably the last warm day (unless Mother Nature throws us a curve ball that is *fingers crossed*) we'll see till next spring. So we're bringing you a mix of alternative jams worthy of belting at the top of your lungs from fierce chicks that simply rule to bands that people should seriously listen to more often. Enjoy!

1. Phantom Planet "California": If you remember back in 2007, this was theme song to prob my favorite show of all time, "The OC." Such a great, catchy song. If you've never heard this tune before then you have been missing out on a classic.

2. Pretty Lights "Finally Moving": Leave it up to Derek Smith, better known as Pretty Lights to put his vintage funk and soulful touch on an Etta James sample all of us are probably tired of hearing. This just has so much soul in it from the smoothly flowing guitar intro mixed with a dash of hip hop and sweet synth lines.


 3. Samantha Ronson "Summer of Sam": Aside from being a DJ, Samantha Ronson is a singer/songwriter. This track comes off her debut album Chasing The Reds (released in 2011) and is filled with musing lyrics and amazing acoustics. It's the epitome of a refreshing, fun song and can easily be on repeat for days.


4. Paramore "Crush Crush Crush": Everything about this song is so powerful. Hailey rocks on vocals and so does the band. Need I say more?


5. Rooney "When Did Your Heart Go Missing": This 80s inspired pop rock song is seriously amazing. The chorus is so memorable and the beat is sure to put anyone in a feel good mood.