Front Stage Pass
A new concept could make your next festival experience one for the books

















The year was 1967 when the world saw its first music festival. It was The Monterey International Pop Music Festival that took place over three days on June 16-18 in Monterey, California. The fest has become known as the first major American appearance of Jimi Hendrix and The Who. It put Janis Joplin on the map in the rock world and saw Otis Redding perform and break traditions. Monterey would shape the mold for future music festivals such as Woodstock in 1969 and every other music festival to come after. It's been years in the making, but the music festival continues to be ever evolving.

The music festival has become an iconic figure, especially of today’s generation. Take an indie festival like Coachella, the electronic dance music dedicated Ultra, the hip hop infused AC3 Festival, and the list could go on and on. But if you put all of these festivals together they have one thing in common: the fans. The fans set out to festivals every year to embrace the music and gain yet another memorable experience. “For us, it’s the fans first. We do this for the love of music and for the love of fans because we know that the best shows we’ve been is that it’s not about whose been on that stage. It’s been about the people who are around us,” said Roy Jumbo, the owner and creator of a new concept that is about to change the festival experience for a lot of people.


 This innovative idea is Front Stage Pass, which hopes to bring the ultimate festival experience by giving fans the opportunity to be right up front to see their favorite band/DJ play. The idea was born shortly after Coachella 2010. Jumbo explains that he and a few others came up with the idea after watching Club 75  play at the Sahara Tent. He explained that his experience was incredible because they were right in the front. He figured everyone should experience being in front of his or her favorite band at some point in life and he has set out on a mission to make that happen.

 “I've been to a lot of music festivals and concerts. My first love was rock and all the productions that the 80s rock bands would put on. Music is cyclical no matter how much people don’t want to admit. The music of today might now be the music of tomorrow.  I’ve seen various forms of music rise then fall but in my lifetime, I’ve seen the rise of rock, hip-hop, the rise of EDM, which has been there since the 80s right after death of disco. Only now, that it’s really taken off.  I’ve been fortunate to see the rise of those three. “















Although Front Stage Pass has not launched yet, Jumbo says a lot of big players in the business have their eyes on his concept. Right now, his team is doing major outreach to many music fest organizations across the US to start making agreements so that FSP can bring the masses to next year’s festival season. Some ideas that are in the works is a potential partnership with Koehler to get special bathroom facilities into the FSP area along with merchandise, food and drink tents to make each fans experience even more convenient as well as a 100 percent hassle free strategy plan of how to usher fans in and out of the FSP areas.


As the dance music chronicles continue to expand in popularity FSP is working to mold it’s ideas into accommodating DJ sets. “My passion is dance music but believe it or not FSP is not best geared towards dance music--the reason why it’s not because there is not a change over from one artist to the next one,” he explained. Jumbo goes on to discuss the one main reason FSP could potentially work is because more and more DJs/producers are bringing more production to show their individuality.

If you’ve ever been to a dance music show, it’s obvious how engaged and incandescent fans are.  “The more passionate music fans were the dance music fans that I've met. The credit lies with the fans not with the artists or promoters. Great events lies with the positive energy with the music fans forever,” said Jumbo. “It’s an opportunity for promoters and artists giving back to passionate super fans the major, incredible experience to be in the front. It’s not  only  the opportunity to be in front but to harvest the casual fans to make them into really passionate fans.”