16Bit Lolitas To Release New Artist Album
“Warung Brazil 2012” comes straight from the duo's favorite Brazilian club to you

Amsterdam-based duo, 16Bit Lolitas are taking it from the underground to the dance floor with their new artist album Warung Brazil 2012. The boys have constantly been in the studio, especially in the last few months, creating a more energetic, dance-floor-focused album, compared to their last release Supermarkt, which captured the dark, and more experimental sides of the two.

Warung Brazil 2012 embodies their signature deep tech sounds, and was inspired by what is known as the "South American temple of electronic music" – the Warung BeachClub in Itajai, Brazil. The club is Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock’s favorite spot to play at, serving as the perfect inspiration for the new album. Warung Brazil 2012 is a follow-up to their Warung compilation series from 2008. Four years later, and the guys have finally given us more – 21 new original tracks in two mixes!

Both are excited about their new creations and said, “With our second Warung album we are focussing on bringing energy, good vibes and dance floor killers.”

"The best way to see these mixes is as snippets of a long DJ-set. They aren’t the whole story, just interesting segments of a longer story. But one main theme is our enjoyment of making music. We still love to make underground dance music.”

Warung Brazil 2012 is set for a December 7th release. Just in time to have yourself a Brazilian underground holiday! They love to make underground music and we love to listen to it even more. The guys recently gave us a taste of their upcoming album on their podcast. Check it out: