New Song From Oceanics
Australian brit-pop quartet warm you up with their new song "The City."

Not only do Oceanics have a cool name and come from a cool place (Queensland, Australia) but this brit-pop quartet have a pretty cool sound as well, and we’ve got their single “The City” to prove it.

For fans of Rooney and The Strokes,  Oceanics’ “The City” is an explosion of airy melodies and catchy guitar hooks... just what the doctor ordered to aid this cold weather. One listen to the track and it’ll have listeners imagining they are dancing in the sunshine on a beach.

Tastemakers Nylon and MTV Iggy are already on this Aussie band’s train, and once their album drops in March 2013, there’s a good chance everyone else will be too.

Check out and download Oceanics’ “The Cityhere!