A Few Sides Of Gemini
The UK DJ/producer talks his music inspirations and US tour

















UK dubstep producer, Gemini has had quite a few months to add to his list of musical accomplishments. Born Thomas Slinger, the 22-year-old dubstep producer is inching closer and closer to redefining the  techniques we typically see in that genre. While running his own label, Inspected Records, the young buck recently released his new album, Mercury EP, and has remixed everyone from Lana Del Ray to Diddy Dirty Money to Kelis.

He's about to close his North American tour this Saturday at the UKF Party at Hammerstein Ballroom to celebrate the bass culture channel's American launch. Gemini will be playing along with bass favorites like Chase and Status, Borgore, Delta Heavy, Bare Noize, Dirtyphonics, Xilent, and Alex English. Before the big party Joonbug decided we get a closer look at this rising star so check out our Q&A with him!

How did you first get into producing/DJing? I was into music from really young - learnt how to play the keyboard on some crappy Casio - then I got my first computer and after dabbling with a bit of graphic design got hooked on writing brats. The DJing came a little bit later when I got myself some decks - the music definitey came first.

Who influences you musically? Films! I love movie soundtracks and listening to how the composers influence emotions with different elements. Of course throughout the years I've taken bits from the likes of Muse, The Prodigy etc etc

What inspires your music? Every day life. Each of my records are a little bit of me at some point in time over the last few years.

You sing on a few of your tracks, when did you start singing and when did you feel it was right to incorporate that into your productions? "Blue" I guess was the first time - it kind of just felt right - I've been working on improving my voice so I don't have to layer it up so much with auto tune - I definitely see the future in what I'm doing with me singing more!

Has music always been something you were interested in? Always - although it wasn't an obvious career path - is it with anyone?! - it's always been a central point to my life. I love it!

Did you grow up in the UK? If so, did that have any affect on the type of music you produced since a lot of house music originated there? I think house music came from you guys over there didn't it? Chicago and Detroit! Ha. But yes, I get what you mean - there has been a strong electronic scene over here for years - Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, etc are heros of mine. Dubstep coming through from south London had a big impact on my sound.

Are you excited to play Hammerstein Ballroom this weekend?

In a lot of tracks, I've noticed the use of piano. Is that sort of a trademark for you? Or just something that comes naturally in your productions? I love the piano. Great vibes! I don't think I'm the person to say what is trademark 'Gemini' or not- but I certainly put it in most of my records - it's a central point to how I construct a tune. Almost always I get up an acoustic piano and hammer something out to see what works!

Can you talk a little bit about your track "Fire Inside" and how the collab with Greta Svabo Bech come about? I've been a big fan of Greta's for ages and this tune was crying out for something like that - my manager got in touch with her and we made it happen! Amazing voice and an amazing talent!!

You've been on tour in the US, how has that been? Do you notice a difference between the crowds in Europe and the US? Different crowds for sure - always up for it - definitely into different things. I tend to find in Europe crowds are after something a little smoother and a little bit more of a journey per se. In the states it's very much high-octane intensity from start to finish - both are really fun to do in their own way!