Sasha Goes Deep in Miami
The legendary DJ tells all from how dance music has evolved to what he has planned for the future

Welsh-born DJ/Prodcuer, Sasha is considered a legend among both artists and fans of electronic dance music. He's been a pioneer in the music scene and a driving force of influence for over two decades, witnessing and taking in the birth and evolution of various subgenres and musical movements. He took a moment to chat with us before performing at an exclusive launch party in Miami for Nokia Music, a free music-streaming service with access to millions of tracks and playlists. 

You're considered by many to be "the DJs' DJ." How do you find your music has most influenced today's artists and dance music throughout the years? You'd have to ask other people really how they've been influenced by my music, I'm not the best person to ask. I've been involved in the scene for a long time and I've seen the dance music break open in markets and build in certain places. In the 90s , it was a big deal playing dance music and me John Digweed were the first DJs to do arena tours. Funny when you think of it now, but we were the first to do it that way and now it's commonplace. I've been really fortunate to watch the scene go international and see the music grow in Australia, China and Japan - I think that's the biggest influence I've seen.

What are your thoughts on dance music today? How has the culture and music changed from the days when you began producing and DJing? Dance music is massive now, it's such a huge global scene. When I first starting playing, it was massive in the UK during the 90s. Things are now so different on a global level and you can see that all the music scenes have a place in the world. The States has evolved so much; it's a million miles away from where it started from and has really embraced dance music in a way it wouldn't have before.

What's been the biggest adjustment you've made as an artist and as a performer? I'm always looking to reinvent myself. I'm really no good at repetition and putting out the same music over and over again. I look for ways to reinvent my sounds and constantly look for new inspiration - whether it's a sound or a producer with a great ear.

What are three things you never leave home without when touring? Just one thing: I NEVER leave home without my Tour manager, I can't do anything without him.

How's the family/off stage life of a dance music legend? You could say that I lead a double life. I'm focused on the work when I'm behind the decks but when I'm with my family, it's a great come down. Best downtime a DJ could have.

Any upcoming plans/projects/tours or shows? The biggest thing is the launch of my the third album from the Involver series. I've got the Winter Music Conference coming up, shows in South America.

Anything you wish to accomplish in the next 10 years? (Could be music or non music related) Well I never thought I DJ during a hurricane but I did when I was in Miami for Nokia Music, it was really fun. Yeah, it was a fun night.