Skrillex “Leaving” the Old for a New Sound in 2013
New future garage sounds from the Dubstep veteran

Article by Kelly VanDemark

Some artists take a while to decide how to manipulate their identities to keep pace with the turn of another year, but Grammy-winning DJ Skrillex has hit the ground running in 2013.  With a very under the radar release, Skrill just dropped three new tracks on his Leaving EP just three days into the new year. A new video for his hit track “Summit”  featuring Ellie Goulding also hit the interwebs too. It’s clear that he’s wasting no time.   

The title track and opener The Reason" shows that Skrillex may have some new tricks up his trademark black-clad sleeves for the fans who have grown to love the wub-wub-wubs they’re accustomed to.  The sound is more delicate, a little less bass, and a little more mature. "Scary Bolly Dub" gives us a full release of a track we've heard in numerous Skrillex sets and is the next level up version of "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites."    We’ll wait until a few more tracks are released before arriving at a conclusion, but moving from the “brostep” sound he pioneered may be just what he needs in order to show versatility as a DJ.  Check out “Leaving” below: