Zedd Performs Acoustic Version Of 'Clarity'
The German producer makes debut on Letterman Show

Most of us dance music aficionados are used to seeing Zedd behind the booth mixing progressive house beats in front of club goers or thousands of festival goers. Last night, that wasn't the case. 

The 24-year-old DJ/producer made his debut appearance on The David Letterman Show, however, not in his typical role as superstar DJ. Zedd sat perched behind a piano as Foxes sang the lyrics to an acoustic version of "Clarity."

A person not familiar with the original track would probably say the performance was good, which it was. But it lacked the fierceness the original electronic version of the song gives off. For now, we'll stick to the original version but props to Zedd for showing his versatility as an artist. Watch the performance below!