Santé - Surrender EP Featuring Ben King
German DJ/Producer Santé presents his latest EP

If a DJ/producer is classified as a 'soundwizard', it is safe to assume that he or she is a very talented producer and more likely than not is respected throughout the musical world. When talking about German DJ/producer Santé, that description barely touches the surface on how he is truly perceived throughout the musical community. Boasting a discography that includes leading imprints like Cocoon RecordingsDesolat and 8 Bit Recordings, it is very clear that Santé represents the cream of the crop within dance music. 

Properly showcasing his versatility as a producer, Santé presents his latest conglomerate of tracks, the "Surrender" EP. Offering up a sound that invites listeners to dig deep and entrench themselves in the powerful emotion each tune emits, both "Surrender" and "Think Of You" will appeal not only to deep heads but also the casual music enthusiast.

On remixing duties, Santé invited the Venezuelan duo Fur Coat to rework 'Surrender'. Taking King's captivating vocal and surrounding it with a more traditional deep house sound, Fur Coat adds a much different part of the deep sound spectrum to this EP. With both artists also contributing a dub remix of 'Surrender', each track on this EP can work for multiple genre specific DJs. 

Preview the EP below.