Chatting with Quintino
The Dutch House master talks travels, reading the crowd and collaborating with legendary producers.
Interview by: Haley Edelson
After being discovered by Laidback Luke at the ripe age of 18, Quintino was off to an incredibly successful career. The Dutch electro-sensation made his mark on the electronic music world last year with the release of his collaboration with Sandro Silva entitled "Epic" which championed the airwaves for months.
Joonbug had the chance to chat with Quintino after his impressive EDC Orlando set. The Dutch producer dished it out about the crowd energy's, his hopeful collaborations, and staying creative in the industry. 

You've been able to tour through many countries and play to a variety of crowds. What's one of your favorite aspects of being able to play in different continents across the world?
In Europe, you get to play in legendary places like Ibiza. Everybody knows Ibiza. It's always a party. In Asia the people go wild! America it's hard to say because there are so many great places, but the good thing is they are all into dutch house music which is what I am into. Vegas....LA everywhere you go the people party like it's their last night on earth.
Traveling in so many environments must give you a chance to experience very different groups of people. Is there anything that you've noticed that sets the audiences apart from one another? 
It's the best feeling in the world when any crowd knows your songs. Traveling and sleeping in hotels does get exhausting but seeing each crowd enjoy your music gives you goose bumps.
Do shows ever tend to get repetitive for you or is each one a clean slate? 
No no no no no! The funny thing is everyone plays with the same setup. The stage, the four CD players but you never know what to expect from the people which makes it really interesting. To play every time a new set and surprise people with new stuff, it really allows you to be creative. 
As being someone in the crowd I always wonder how the DJ is going to switch up their set and songs to keep me guessing. 
Yes, It's all about the surprise! I can play my old tracks twenty times but if I introduce it to the crowd in a different way it really changes the feeling the song brings. If you know how the songs coming it's not interesting anymore, for me that's what it's all about. 
I know there are a lot of DJ's and producers involved in the Dutch House scene, are there any particularly that influence you. 
Well years ago, I got to play with Laidback Luke and after my set he came up to me and said, "Listen you're really talented can I help you with something, let's hook up to play together" So he really inspired me for a long time and after that me and him were friends. So we started off together playing. Later on, I got to meet Tiesto and he also put me down so right now it's all moving pretty fast. It's really amazing. 
Having the opportunity to work with DJs like Laidback Luke and Tiesto sounds unbelievable. Is there anyone else you'd really like to see yourself collaborate with in the future? 
Actually, recently I've been telling everyone that there is a vocalist I'd really love to work with. Her name is Sia from David Guetta's Titanium. I love her voice, and it's the best song because you never get tired of her vocals. Her voice is amazing.
A lot of these vocalists never get the attention they deserve on some of these tracks!
I agree that's why if given the opportunity I'd really like to work with her.
Would you say you have any pre-show rituals going into each of your performances or something specific you do before shows?
No, I never really doing anything like that, but every night is different for me really. Sometimes you're walking into small clubs, sometimes they are huge clubs, and sometimes they're festivals. Since each show is different you can't ever play a prerecorded set you have to switch it up. I always try to work in a creative way, I feel out the vibe of the people, where we are, what kind of place I'm in, and the time of the day also. It makes it more exciting not just for me, but for the audience as well for me to not just "push play". 
The audience definitely enjoyed it tonight. Is there anything in particular that assures you that you've made the fans enjoy the show and your music? 
When I go to a new place, and see the new fans. Like Orlando, It's totally new for me here. I always watch my twitter, I always try to reply everyone, so when I see a lot of people are really traveling hours to come to the show and hear my set and it makes me more excited than ever. I really have to work and show the fans a good time to make it worth the distances they traveled to hear and feel the music.