The Goodnight Darlings Release First Single 'Red Hot'
The Indie-pop-punk duo is about to release their full album

One simple word to describe The Goodnight Darlings is: fun. Their electronic-post-punk sound could very well put them on the radar as fresh, up and coming talent. In anticipation of their upcoming album, Doll Drums, the twosome Kat Auster (vocals) and Wilson. Jaramillo (guitar, beats/synth)  have released the first single, “Red Hot.” It's buoyant. It's dancey. It's indie punk electronic pop. 

The duo have come together and fused years of artistic influences and musical experiences to create a new kind of project. Kat gives the pop/dance vibes from her years as a singer/songwriter for Sony/EMI in the band Majorette which complements Wilson’s political/post-punk energy from his years of performing with his band, Bonbomb and touring internationally with The Fugees. Listen to "Red" below and catch The Goodnight Darlings on Friday, January 25 at Tammany Hall in NYC!