Iggy & The German Kids
Get to know Iggy and the groups upcoming EP

Iggy & The German Kids
are young and talented. A great combination in the music industry, Iggy, otherwise known as Ignacio Uriarte is a 25 year old singer and songwriter who has been musically inclined since he was a young boy. He became a member of the Metropolitan's children's chorus at the age of ten and is a self-taught guitarist, bassist, and pianist. In college, he forged friendships with some German kids, Hubertus D and Frederic T and together they worked on music. Thus, began Iggy & The German Kids. They are set to debut their new EP this summer and recently had their latest single played on ABC's "Don't Trust the B in Apt 23." Their music is a clash of Brit-pop, electronica and classic rock and we had the opportunity to ask Ignacio all about the upcoming album and more. 
How many tracks will be on your EP?
Over the past 18 months we have recorded about 25 plus tracks we are happy with so we have spent some time narrowing it down to find a collection that we feel really shows what we're capable of. As of now, the EP will probably have around 6 songs on it but that changes every day!

Describe your sound. Where can you picture your songs playing?
I'd say its somewhere between the beatles and modern electro pop....we try to strike a balance between modern sounds and some of our more traditional influences. As far as where I can picture our songs playing it's really anywhere. It's good for your car, your iphone, your laptop and some songs definitely make sense for when you're out as well. It's important to have a universally appealing sound while still staying true to yourself artistically and we worked hard to strike that balance. 

How was it to have your latest single in hit TV show 'Don't Trust the B'? 
Well, they just got cancelled. I dont think it had anything to do with our song though [laughs]. But of course we were very surprised and excited when we found out that our song had been chosen. It is always great to see a validation of your music. 

Do you play any instruments on the tracks? 
Beside the occasional guitar the Germans took care of the instrumentation of the tracks but I do play several instruments in general. 

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
I'd probably say Noel Gallagher who has always been a huge influence on me or in a dream world Lennon/Mccartney. 

Who are your biggest musical influences?
 In general anyone who is making or has made good music influences me but if I had to pick one I'd say Fat Elvis. 

Aside from your upcoming EP, do you have anything else exciting on the horizon you can tell us about?
We're working on how the live show will shape out and are going to be doing some shows in the next six months. I love performing so I'm excited to get back out there!
Check out the latest single, "So Hard"