A new collaboration and interview from Sidney Samson
The Dutchmaster himself chatted with Joonbug about his successful career as a DJ and producer

Sidney Samson is at it again.

Hand-selected by Tiesto himself to be Musical Freedom’s first official release of the year, “Torrent” by Sidney Samson and Martin Garrix will surely be a staple festival anthem of 2013. 

Serving as the electro-gem we’ve been begging out of the Spinnin’ Records producers, “Torrent” takes us on a hard-hitting journey through rising pitches and piercing chords to the backdrop of a steadily thumping rhythm.

“Torrent” is available on Beatport February 19th and everywhere else on March 5th.

Luckily we had a chance to catch up with Sidney Samson to chat about his life as a producer and DJ extraordinaire.

So you finished up your North American tour this past December, how was that experience?

It was really great! I did Australia first, then I did Asia and then North America. North America is my favorite place to play because it’s always fun. Especially places like Miami, Las Vegas and New York are incredible. It’s always fun to be in the states, always.

I know that one of the last stops on your tour was at Mansion nightclub in Miami, the club which made headlines last year for kicking DJ Shadow off the decks because they said his beats were “too future.” How would you handle a situation of a promoter telling you what you can and can't play?

Well the first thing about Mansion is I think they do a great job. I love their sound and how they handle their VIP. I really like Mansion, it’s a club for raging people. Miami is always like a VIP environment, people love the bottle service and having a spectacular time. When I’m DJing in Mansion in the DJ booth I can tell everything’s how it’s supposed to be in a nightclub setting. It’s all about the VIP and bottles, it’s really dope. 

As far as promoters telling me what to play, I’ve never experienced that actually. I think they know what to expect. One time I played in Hong Kong and I was playing a remix I did for David Guetta and the owner came over to the DJ booth to ask me if I could play more commercial music. I laughed and told him “You know I’m playing David Guetta, right?” He just walked away. But I never have problems with promoters, they’re always happy and when people come to my shows they know what kind of music they can expect. 

One of the tracks that really made me fall in love with your sound was your collaboration with Steve Aoki called “Wake Up Call”. Can you tell me a little about what went in to producing that track?

A few years ago I went to Miami for the first time because I had some gigs over there for Ultra. I saw Steve Aoki play and I had only heard of his name, I didn’t know what he looked like or anything about his music. So I went with a friend to his stage and he killed it, he was jumping for an hour and I just thought “Oh my God this guy is ridiculous.” 

That same evening, David Guetta invited me to come to his F**k Me I’m Famous party at Mansion. I was at this party and Steve Aoki walked in. I was like “Yo, I’m Sidney, you killed it today, thank you for that!” He was like “Yo, no problem, that’s my job. I would love to make some music with you one day. Here’s my BBM.”

Two months later or so I saw him in an airport waiting for a flight and he was like “Let’s make music tomorrow morning.” I slept for two hours and went to his studio in his house and we just made some beats. We were just messing around and thought something cool would be “WAKE UP!” I was like “Yeah, record that” so we’re screaming into the mic “WAKE UP!” That really made the song.  When I was home I just buffed it up, added some bass here and there, and that was the song. 

You had such a busy year in 2012 between producing and touring, so what’s on your agenda for the rest of 2013? 

I’m always just going to do the same thing - doing as many gigs as possible. I’m a DJ in my heart, and I love producing but I would never give up DJing. As long as I can walk, I’ll be DJing. I will always try to do the most gigs and meet as many people as possible and produce music that makes people happy. I just have to do what I do best which is make music and kill it in the clubs.