On The Rise: Danny Avila
The Avila storm has hit and it's taking over

At just 17-years-old, Danny Avila is pretty much killing the game. His journey began just five years ago when he was making his way into the clubs in his native Spain and it was after watching the power and passion of artists like David Guetta and Afrojack was when Avila knew what he wanted to do.

The years fly by and it's 2012 which proved to be a very promising year for Danny Avila. He earned not one, but three residencies in Ibizia playing 15 shows alongside Tiesto at the famed Pacha Ibiza.  The young buck also released his debut single 'Breaking Your Fall' on Big Beat Records in October and became the youngest ever talent to broadcast his 'Ready To Jump' show in a prime time slot on SiriusXM radio.

As 2013 unfolds, the Avila wave continues to build. Danny was named 'One To Watch' in music bible Billboard's '21 Under 21' power list and shortly after made MTV Clubland's 'Ones To Watch For In 2013' list with other rising names in the electronic dance community.  In such a short time, the young buck has quickly made a name for himself and earned not only praise from other big producers, but continues to fill out more accomplishments of his dream. With that said, it’s been confirmed that Danny has been chosen to play the Main Stage at Ultra Music Festival this March and at Coachella in April.  Not to shabby, Mr. Avila. Not too shabby.

Currently, Danny is touring on The Generation Wild Tour with Deniz Koyu, Mikael Weermets, and dBerrie. The tour kicked off on January 31 and will end in Canada in late February. While on tour, Danny took some time to answer a few questions about his start in making music and what’s next to come in his career. Without a doubt, he’s already a name to go unrecognized as a huge player to make big moves in the electronic music community. Get to know about the Spanish superstar below!

 When did you realize you wanted to start DJing?  It didn't happen all of a sudden. I've been involved in music for a loooooong time. I wanted to be a DJ since I was very, very young. The whole DJ scene came to my attention more and more in my early teens and I wanted to do this as well.

How did you grasp the concept of mixing and spinning when you were just 12 years old? I bought a very simple and cheap controller… I didn't even know how to mix two tracks with the sync button, but I was so into it and I liked music soooo much that I didn't care, I wanted to spend as many hours as possible doing it. Instead of going out with my friends, I preferred to practice my DJ skills. And that's what made me a good DJ, hard, hard, hard work. No one told me, 'Hey Danny you have to be a DJ, you have to do this, you have to do that blah blah blah' – since I was very young I’ve always made my own decisions and I wanted to be a good DJ in the future and the only way to get that was by working really hard.

How has being from Spain inspired your music style? To be honest, electronic music is not that big in Spain, that’s why I've always focused my career to go out of Spain. I have my family and friends here, but apart from that I live outside of Spain. Most of the time, I am in the States and then in Ibiza in the summer. So I would definitely not consider Spanish music one of my influences.

When did you start producing your own music? I started producing a year and a half after I started DJing. I started out with FL Studio, which was called Fruity Loops back then but then I switched to Logic 8. I did a couple of courses in Marbella and Madrid. I didn't have a lot of time during the week because I was very busy with my studies so instead of going out on the weekends I stayed in like a nerd in my bedroom for hours and hours learning how all the software worked, checking new plug ins, looking for new sounds etc… But it was my passion and when you have fun doing something you never stop!

 How was your DJ residency in Ibiza? What was that experience like for you? It was insaneeeeeeee!!! So much fun !! And so much work as well…..I had 3 different residencies: Pacha with Tiesto, Space and Blue Marlin! For me it was perfect because I could play my own sound at Pacha and Space and then do a proper sunset set at Blue Marlin playing more deep stuff….I met so many incredible people last summer season. Probably one of my best experiences so far.

You played alongside Tiesto at Pacha in Ibiza this summer, how was that?! That was BOOOOM! Haha it was like a dream come true. I would have never imagined that Tiesto would invite me to play with him at his Ibiza residency. He is such a nice guy and his crowd is really really into it. They really know what kind of music you are playing, if you drop an acapella they all sing along.

Are you excited for the Generation Wild Tour? What are you most looking forward to? This is going to be totally the next level! It’s gonna be literally WILD! I'm excited about every single thing on this tour. I’m going with 3 amazing producers and DJs so we can exchange production tips and maybe even produce all together. We are going to meet a lot of people and gonna go to a lot of amazing venues. It's gonna be soooo much fun!

If you could collab with one artist/producer/singer who would it be and why? I’d probably say Knife Party and Wolfgang Gartner. They have a very unique style! If I have to look for vocals… definitely MADONNA! She is one of the biggest artists in the world. When you talk about music there are so many genres: Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop etc etc….But she is on top of that!! She is like the queen of music.

"Breaking Your Fall" has been a smash success on the charts, what's next? Do you have any new music your fans can look forward to? A remix for interscope that will be released around the beginning of February and the next single is more or less ready to go as well. Besides that I’m also working on the tracklisting for a big global compilation. So lots of stuff coming!

 You've nabbed spots on MTV's "Artists To Watch in 2013" as well as Billboard's "21 Under 21: Ones To Watch." How does it feel to be honored by these very well respected music publications? No words for that. I am extreeeeeemely happy about this! Both of them are very strict and professional lists which are not easy at all to enter… so imagine how hyped I was when I first saw it (I'm still hyped)!

Why do you love DJing/producing? Because it's the way I can express myself. For me there is nothing that makes me feel better than making people happy. I don't know if I can explain it. It’s a pretty unique feeling :)

What advice do you have for young DJs trying to break out on the scene? Well, right now there are soooo many DJs and producers, there are soooo many music genres, there is soooo much going on in general, so my advice is ALWAYS keep your own music taste and personality, no matter what people say about you. Some people just play the commercial and successful hits because it’s the easy way. I don't find it like that. It’s all about trying to do something different and surprising people. That’s why I'm always playing new stuff in my sets, new mash-ups that I make and nobody else has… and unknown tracks…

Do you have any comments on people calling you the "Justin Bieber of Dance Music?" In my opinion, I LOVE your hair and your style! I think your style is very European and very cool--is that something you like to keep up with? To be honest: I don’t. I am the Danny Avila of Dance Music.

 What producers do you look up to and which have inspired you to pursue your career as a DJ? Deniz Koyu is one of my favorite producers right now. You should also check out Mikael Weermets and Sick Individuals. As a DJ, Fedde le Grand inspired me a lot because he was the first DJ that I ever saw.

Do you have a favorite city to play/visit in America?  Yesssss ! New York! Pacha NYC is one of my favorite clubs in the world, and the crowd can't get better!! And also Miami :)

When you play at a club, how do you choose your music? Do you play for the crowd or based on how your feeling that night? What get's you ready to rock out and get the crowd going?  First of all, I have my main set library which is so energetic and full of bangers but I have thousands of mash-ups so I always read the crowd. If I need to play a bit more vocal or for example there are tracks that I can't play in Europe but I do play in the States….so it’s always different !