Lady Starlight Shines Bright This Weekend in NYC
We chat with the opening act of the Born This Way Ball on her upcoming performance and more

There's a whole lotta lady around these days, and we aren't just talking about Lady Gaga. Lady Starlight, Lady Gaga's friend and opening act for the recently postponed Born This Way Ball tour, is having a one night only Lil Monsters Heavy Metal Disco show at The Gramercy Theatre this Saturday, February 23 at 11pm. Joining her for this fun rock 'n' roll cabaret are Breedlove, The Dirty Pearls, and Arianna & The Rose. Lady Starlight, is a unique DJ and performer in her own way. She mixes heavy rock and metal into her sets and is intent upon bringing it back to pop culture. We got to chat with the budding star about opening for Lady Gaga, her upcoming performance, and what's on tap for the future.

What has it been like opening for the Born this Way Ball?
An absolute dream come true. I get to be completely creatively free and go around the world with my best friend. 

What can attendees expect from your performance at Gramercy Theatre?
They should make sure they look good because they will be involved in my performance! It's an interactive, theatrical, game show style rock and metal DJ set. They won't have seen anything like it, thats for sure!

I know you have been a big influence to Lady Gaga. How has she influenced you as an artist?
She proved to me that with enough hard work and belief, you really can succeed no matter what you want to do.

What are your plans now that the tour has sadly been cancelled?
To continue working on my DJ sets, record my first album and get back on the road ASAP.

Do you have any projects you are working on that you can tell us about?
Adding more interesting and unique pieces of equipment into my DJ set, an album of intense soundscapes inspired by Brian Eno, an album of archival recordings that my brother and I did when we were 4 and 6 respectively, and a live album from the Born This Way Ball tour.

Sounds like she's got her plate full - we can't wait to check out all her new albums!

Get tickets ($15) to see her show this weekend here