...a band you should be saying hello to

 So since those boys back in the day who graced your glossy pages of Tiger Beat and J-14 that you hung on your walls or taped to your lockers and your trapper keepers are now dads, there are some new tricks in town. Justin Bieber and One Direction are about to be joined by a trio of young men who are going to be seen a lot more in 2013. Before You Exit is an Orlando rock/pop trio made up of brothers Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, and Toby McDonough, (as well as drummer Thomas Silvers and guitarist Braiden Wood). The guys released a new EP titled I Like That on February 4. Something that is unique and interesting to this boy group is that they have been compared to superstar bands Oasis and The Black Crowes, which you don’t hear every day for boy bands. The brothers work together well and complement each other as artists…and as family. In an interview, Connor said: “We actually get along really well. We all have our thing and work in categories by preference. I write vocal melodies, Riley writes lyrics, and Toby helps with both. There are never fights because each of us can do our own thing, but contribute to each other.” Whether BYE’s songs have either had their start with the brothers in their bedrooms or writing with co-writers in L.A., their music is catchy, bold, and bright. Some full-bodied, upbeat spring and summer tunes are on their way if these guys have anything to do with it!