Cr2 Live And Direct Presents Miami 2013 Mixed by MYNC, R3hab and Nari & Milani
Musical gems to get your ready for Miami's hottest music season

It's just about that time to start the official countdown to Miami Music Week. It's less than a month away and popular UK label, Cr2 has released their annual "Live & Direct" Miami compilation, a three disc treat featuring separate mini-mixes from MYNC, R3hab, and Nari & Milani. These three teaser's will get you in the mood to break it down once MMW descends upon us. So leave your worries behind and let the music take over. Listen to the mixes below and you can purchase them here!

   1. Live & Direct - Miami 2013 | Disc 1: MYNC (Teaser Mix): MYNC (better known as Mark Brown, label boss of Cr2 Records) gets right into it with an energetic intro and keeps the roller coaster ride of beats going the entire time. It's a mix filled with hard electro right in your face. He even throws in notable tracks like Seb Ingrosso and Tommy Trash's "Reload" as well as his own track "Searching." You'll be on the dancefloor for hours with this mix!

2. Live & Direct - Miami 2013 | Disc 2: R3hab (Teaser Mix): R3hab starts off nicely with W&W's "Lift Off" and there couldn't be a better build up to a jam packed set of Dutch House done extremely right. 

3. Live & Direct - Miami 2013 | Disc 3: Nari & Milani (Teaser Mix): The Italian production duo leaves a mark as they drop "Atom"-ic bombs showcasing their Italian roots with tracks like Pink Is Punk and Benny Benassi's collab "Perfect Storm."