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Ashley Allen heads to BB King's this Friday 5/17 with Sheila E! DO. NOT. MISS. IT.

Friday! Friday! Friday! Ashley Allen, a born and raised New Yorker is taking the pop scene by storm THIS Friday at BB Kings, baby! Ashley’s fresh and intoxicating talent will have you thinking way past the sound of her music; it’s stimulates that party gene we all retain.

Daughter of Music Executive Jeff Allen for Universal Attractions, Ashley is no newbie to the music scene. Many assumptions can be made for a normal New York girl with a voice and a musically connected parent, but when you open a book you’ll find it’s full of pages. Ashley suffered from depression, anxiety, and bullying at a young age, giving her a drive for deeper lyrics than your basic ’let’s party’ radio hit. At one point things got bad enough that drugs were her only answer, but not for long. Ashley’s music pulled her right out of her darkest pit and helped her escape her sadness. She also took an interest in writing poems (that later turned to songs) to express herself and deal with her emotions in a safer way. As a fifth grader, she made her first song ‘Love Will Find A Way’ inspired by the sounds of her and her mothers favorites like Celine Dion, Cher, and Barbara Streisand. Her first single ‘Body Say No, Heart Say Yes’ was released in 2012 and set her path straight for her up and coming pop career.

One of the greatest things is although she’s carried her fair share of pain, her music is bright and uplifting, showing her love for life attitude and willingness to make things better. This girl is far deeper than one may think, although her songs have lovey-dovey titles and sentimental lyrics, they aren’t just about some high school break up, they are her heart on paper; going from negative to positive while loving yourself. Ashley states that “there is so much more to me and what I have to say as an artist...” not to be doubted, she will be heard. 

Ashley’s not the only treat for us this Friday, with her will be Sheila E.; singer, drummer and percussionist! Known for her work with George Duke, Prince, and Ringo Starr. Sheila is also the daughter of percussionist Pete Escovedo and niece of Coke Escovedo, one of Santana’s former members. Another one familiar with the industry! With her singer-songwriter talent and work in R&B, pop, funk, and jazz fusion, Sheila and Ashley will be DYNAMIC.

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Miss Allen will tour Australia this spring along with the release of her video for hit single ‘Let’s Go’. Stay tuned, for this pop goddess is going nowhere but up!