Britney Is Her Madonna
Ashley Allen rocked Friday night's performance at BB Kings!

Ashley Allen, a New York native, is an up and coming pop star with a thriving young personality and a heart full of lyrics and love to share with the world. With a tough upbringing through battling anxiety and depression, music has become her escape and hero. Ashley performed at NYC's  BB King’s Blues Club this past Friday the 17th and sat down with Joonbug to talk about her past, present, and future.

When did you realize that this is what you want to do?

Forever. My mom was a singer and she was actually pregnant with me at the same time, so it’s in my blood!

Who has been your biggest influence musically? You’ve mentioned before about hearing a lot of Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.

Believe it or not Britney Spears is actually my biggest inspiration. I’m obsessed with her, I went to a concert of hers a while back and all I could do was cry! I got very emotional because I would hear this fun, amazing music and all I could think was, ‘why aren’t I up there?’ Britney is literally my Madonna!

Why pop music?

As a kid and even a teen/young adult I’ve notice that I really gravitate towards female vocalists that are strong and want to have fun. I wanted to be just like them, I want my music to be happy. Pop is f*cking awesome, who doesn’t love pop?!

You’ve talked about your struggles with anxiety and depression, do you feel as if those issues get in the way of your career at all?

Right now my anxiety’s at an all time low, which is amazing. I do get stressed sometimes, as does everyone, but I do find that when I try and handle planning or management I get super nervous. I have to realize that there is a team of people who do want to help me and that’s why they’re here, they have it under control.

Is there anything else about your career that makes you nervous?

Honestly, I feel more excited than anything! Although the adrenaline I get before going on stage can give me a little bit of dry mouth which makes me nervous because I don’t want my voice to crack or anything! But I’ve learned little tricks along the way that help me.

Are you excited for tonight’s performance? What song are you looking forward to performing?

SUPER excited! I’ve never performed here so that’s awesome I’m excited to see the crowd and just get up there and do my thing! I’m really looking forward to performing "Always (You Ruined Love)" because it’s one of my newer songs and it’s just one of my favorites!

So there you have it, Ashley Allen is more than ready to knock the socks off this industry! Don’t forget to check out her latest single "Let’s Go" and follow her on her tour through Australia this spring.

Peace and Pop!

Check out this remix of her hit "Let's Go" by Reid Stefan! Sick.