DeadMau5 and Kill the Noise Preview Collaboration
DeadMau5 and kill the Noise preview "KilltheMau5" online for fans.

Trying something new can create two different scenarios. It can end up as a failed attempt that can ultimately ruin someone’s reputation and reputability to the point that their name is tainted by that single instance. Or it can actually end up on the opposite end of the spectrum, making it so critically and commercial acclaimed that it could boost a person’s notability overnight. Although finding fame is already a mission that has been far accomplished by world famous DJ and producer Joel Zimmerman aka DeadMau5, his hunger for something new still seems unfulfilled as he heads into the studio with an interesting choice for a collaborator.

Grammy-nominated artist DeadMau5 has seen a wide stream of success in the past few years. His albums have seen both commercial and critical success, he has won countless awards, he has been featured in video games, and his signature mouse helmet is a recognizable figure from all corners of the world. With this track record, some artist would just take a break and enjoy their hard-earned success, but DeadMau5 looks to put another achievement in his long list of accomplishments with his new collaboration with Kill the Noise.

Although they are housed in the same genre, both producers contain various styles that allow their music to have a distinct difference between each other. DeadMua5 is famous for blending beautiful electronic arrangements with mind-numbing melodies, while Kill the Noise uses hard-hitting and glitch induced basses. Still, these two are true masters of their art, and they bring it all to the table with their new upcoming release cleverly titled “KilltheMau5.” The track has not been fully releases as of yet, but DeadMau5 has released a preview on his Soundcloud page for his fans to listen to and enjoy. It contains both styles that were able to give both producers their fame. DeadMau5’s skilled electronic sensibility combines almost flawlessly with Kill the Noise’s signature basses. Although there is no clear release date for the full song, the sample contains amazing production value that has not yet been heard within the genre. This shows potential to be a revolutionary track, and it is sure to have fans of both producers highly satisfied.