Heart-Stopping Voice, Red Hair and Big Dreams
Pop Electronica princess and fashionista, Casey Desmond has big plans for her future, and Joobug gots to hear all about it!

You may know her from season 1 of The Voice, or happen to have come across her single "Bad Habit," Casey Desmond is going no where but up my friends! Over the weekend, Joonbug was given the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Desmond to get the scoop on all things Casey; from music to fashion...the girl's got dreams! 

The Voice! What was that like?

Crazy, hard and amazing all at the same time. I met very talented people and the exposure was fantastic even when I lost the battle round! It was hard because you have to leave your family for two months in order to do this and it's not easy because we can't really give away details about anything! I look back and I'm so happy I did it but I don't think I'd do it again.

What's driven you to take this career so far?

I literally can't function without living musically.. I was in school for Fashion and plan on continuing in that as soon as I can, but music is what I'm mainly focusing on now. When I have the chance to take something I love so far, why wouldn't I? 

When did you know for a fact that this is what you wanted to do? And who is your biggest inspiration?

Well I grew up in a music and art-forward family. My parents have been renting out spaces to bands since forever and it's actually called The Sound Museum. This is where I record, create and design my music! Also, my guitar player and my co-producer Taylor Barefoot have a recording stuio there! So as a kid all I wanted to do was just hang out with the artists and hear them create and practice amazing things. I've also been in a couple different bands, one in high school called, Adore, and a different one after that. It was also great because my parents, being in love with music themselves, never forced the "normal" way of life on me, they just let me be. For music, my biggest inspirations are definitely people like Kate Bush and David Bowie; I admire their weirdness!

So you've collab'd with people like Robert Ellis Orrall, what was it like working with him?

Absolutely amazing. He is one of the most talented people I've ever met in my life and seriously was the most genuine soul...he's like a teddy bear! We met at the ASCAP "I Create Music" Convention and we ended up connecting musically! I never imagined he'd be interested in working with me, but he did, and it was one of the best things to have happened to me!

Stepping away from music for one second, let's talk fashion, who are some of your favorite designers? We read you've been working with makeup artist Jessie Ammons Carswell, tell us about your adventures in the fashion world!

Jessie has become literally my partner in crime for fashion, she's amazing and we've become like best friends! We've known each other for a few years and we're working on a jewelry line together (to be finalized). She's helped me out immensely with wardrobe hair and makeup for all my videos and we happen to collab really well! I'm more than thankful to be working with her. As far as designers, people like Pam Hogg, Vivian Westwood, I love old punky mamas! And of course, Alexander McQueen. I do have a fashion line as well called OHDEERGOD which I'm working on!

What's been your favorite song so far?

"Underground." It's all about self-reflection, accepting your own flaws and owning them and loving yourself first and foremost. This song really means a lot to me, it's all about the right lessons.

It has been more than a pleasure talking with you Casey, when can we look forward to seeing you perform next?

I'll be performing with Frank Music at the Great Scott in Boston on June 9th and I'll also be performing at Church Boston on June 7th with American Royalty. I'm so excited, thank you!

Casey Desmond is sure to have you moving and shaking out of your seat and onto the dance floor, especially with the premiere of the remix to her single "Heartbeat (Good Thief Remix)"!

Listen and listen again, she will be nothing less than a favorite!