Exclusive Interview with Grand and Warren
Joonbug interviews one of the hottest up and coming EDM duos on the scene

Grand and Warren are one of the hottest duos coming up on the EDM scene today. The duo, comprised of DJ Gary Rabbitt and James Alexander have been thrilling fans at some of the biggest clubs in the tri-state such as Pacha and Santos Party House. They're unique side-by-side and energetic style of performing has made them one of the hot new artists to look out for. Check out their Soundcloud page here and listen to some amazing mixes and original tracks. Here's an exclusive interview with Grand and Warren!

What city did you guys grow up in?

J- We both grew up in Hudson County and Bergen County. Gary is originally from North Bergen, NJ and James is originally from Rutherford, NJ

How did you guys become a duo?

G- We originally met at Saint Peter's Prep High School in Jersey City. We were working together as individual DJs at a bar that used to be known as Celebrities in Haledon, NJ. After countless amounts of nights going back and forth about how to change the game up, we decided to perform together at the same time.

In your Soundcloud profile James says that Gary is the brains and he is the motivator, explain this more. What are your roles in the duo?

- Gary taught me everything I know about music, from understanding the structure of a song, to mastering the concept of how to use a turn table. Without him teaching me these essential concepts, I wouldn't have a clue about what I'm doing or what I'm saying. Since we've linked up, I've been able to expand my knowledge and add a whole bunch of creativity towards our productions. 

G- Well, I can definitely say I'm the lazier one of the two. For example, if we start a track, we don't stop until we've laid out the complete structure of the song. He's also a complete lunatic. I would suggest the person reading this to come out and watch us perform. It's incredible, and hilarious, how James connects with the fans and the guys behind the scene..

How long have you guys officially been a group?

G- It's been exactly one year on May 3rd.

James, in I've read that you like hip hop growing up, do you think EDM can successfully be fused with hip hop?

J- Hip-hop has changed completely. It's definitely not the hip-hop Gary and I used to listen to back in the day. I don't know if hip-hop and house can clash together, but I also never doubt ones creativity. Anything can happen. But I do think some of the classic hip-hop party anthems can be incorporated in live sets. We do it sometimes and we always get a positive response.

Who would you like to work with?

- We would love to work with everyone. But it would be an honor to work with Laidback Luke. James and I have always been a huge fan of his productions and parties that he's thrown. He even tweeted at us when we first started telling us to stick with our dream and continue to move forward. 

Saw your performance at Santos Party House, you guys ripped it down. Really had the crowd going, do you guys take the street signs with you everywhere?

J- Thank you for coming out! And yes EVERYWHERE! That's what we believe in, it's what represents us in every way.

What has been your favorite performance so far?

- Every performance we've had at Pacha NYC. The place is incredible, the sound system knocks so hard and the crowd is always filled with positive energy.

Where would you like to perform in the future? What's your dream event or venue?

G- EDC NYC is our dream. It's in our backyard! We believe that there can't be a better feeling than playing in front of thousands of people in your home town. That must be the best feeling and hopefully we will be able to experience that one day.

What separates you from other EDM DJs?

J- What makes us different is that we don’t pride ourselves on being just DJs. We pride ourselves on being performers. DJ/Producing as a duo is so much better because for everything that we create there are two opinions “heads” contributing a unique perspective and input (Just like the saying: “Two heads are better than one”). When we perform as a duo there is so much energy and there are always two hands on the mixer and that helps us provide a better performance.

G- There are many things that set us apart from the other duos out there. I wear a mask, we bring our street sign at every party we throw, and we bring a following out that truly believes in us. But what separates us the most from others is our energy that we bring to the club. We get very excited to play and we feed off of everyone else's excitement.

What's up with the mask?

- It represents our Ying and Yang concepts. Gary is quieter while I am more interactive. It's a cool concept we came up with to help describe our differences and why our differences unite as one. 

What’s your favorite track you have done?

G- "Waiting for Aiden." We get the best response from that track when we play it live. It has a lot of energy. And the meaning behind the name is important to us. A great friend on our team became a father this year and his sons name is Aiden. We just so happened to make this track in the hospital while we were waiting for him to be born.

What can fans expect next from you guys? What projects or events do you have lined up?

J- A lot of new productions and crazier parties! We are currently working alongside a girl by the name of Nicole Medoro. What a voice this girl has! 

G- Absolutely, Nicole Medoro is a phenomenal person with a beautiful voice. We are putting out our remix of her song "Running Back" very soon, so make sure to keep up with us on our social media to check it out!

What's your favorite part of performing?

G & J
-  Interacting with the crowd, seeing people's hands up in the air, singing along with them to some of the greatest vocals in the industry. Mixing is what we think we do best. So it's the least of our worries when performing. 

What are the challenges you've come across as you get bigger in the music scene?

J- Everyone else is getting better. The bar is always being risen. But it's a beautiful and fun challenge. We want to be the best WE can be. We love what we do and we love the people that love what we do. We want to continue to build and grow so more and more people can be a part of our journey.

How would you describe your style of house music?

G- Electro Progressive. We love the idea of groove mixed with crazy. It's exciting to see people react to our music in their car as well as seeing them react when they hear what we play in the club.