Sebastian Ingrosso Releases Video for New Track
Sebastian Ingrosso's "Reload" gets a visual update

There is something about music videos that makes the music experience a little more complete. Sometimes the videos can be completely horrible and actually leave a bitter feeling that can also effect the actual attraction of the original song, while other times they can be in a perfect harmony with its audio counterpart giving the viewer much more gratification towards the art of the piece. Either way, both music and videos are both created for the same purpose, to entertain the masses.

The highly-anticipated video for Sebastian Ingrosso’s song “Reload,” premiered just a few days ago with fans praising the visual adventure of this summer smash hit. The video is directed by Canadian filmmaker Jodeb (aka Jonathan Desbiens) who has worked with other artist such as Zedd and the Deftones. Its high cinematic quality actually makes it hard to believe that it’s just a music video and not a clip from HBO’s Game of Thrones. It contains a lot of interesting aspects with a huge dragon and a man going through different obstacles to find his lover.

Although this sounds like a video filled with random irrelevant materials, it actually does sync perfectly with “Reload.” Its high cinematic quality coincides with the high production value of the original song, which actually makes this an extremely entertaining experience. Just like the song, the video took a great amount of hard work and time to compose. Jodeb shot the video in both Guatemala and Iceland, just to capture climatic differences to blend with the song. It contains many scenes that are visually astonishing to anyone that has the opportunity to view it. The song is available through iTunes.