Pop and a Ukulele
Rachel Brown: An enchanting voice with a twist

With a vibrant, sultry and sweet voice, Rachel Brown is a born and raised New Yorker with an Ethiopian, Southern, and Bermudian backround bringing the most unique of sounds to her art. Fusing Pop, Country, Hawaiian, Hip Hop and Carribean sounds into her hypnotizing songs, she has used her roots to her full advantage, amazingly done at that!

Brown started writing her own songs at the age of 19 with a guitar that she taught herself to play, saying that she would "play it until it sounded right." Soon after, friends and peers started realizing her talented which became quickly recognized. She won the ASCAP Robert Allen Foundation Award for Songwriting in 2010 and moved on to collect more awards including the 2011 Abe Olman Award for Excellence in Songwriting for the Songwriters Hall of Fame and a showcase spot at the national convention for the National Association for Campus Activies followed by a 40-date college tour. 

With her band of incredibly talented African and Carribean musicians, they keep the audience in awe while using instruments like the talking drum, the calabash and the kora along with tons of hand percussion, bass, horns, the ukulele, and of course, the acoustic guitar matched with Brown's hair raising vocals. Brown's single and video "Bumblebee" has become a go-to love song and causing such a buzz that Jay Leno created a skit using the song on the Tonight Show. She's opened for stars like Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, Quincy Jones, and John Legend and has also been joined on stage by one of her biggest musical influences, Wyclef Jean.

Make sure to check out her debut EP, Building Castles and look out for her on the Pop scene! She'll absolutely be making her mark up and down this industry! Also, check out her performance on Fox 5's Good Day New York!

Peace & Pop!