Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's Release 'Better Days'
Creatively fusing visuals of the '80s with eclectic and unbounding sound

Last month, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero’s made it their mission to bring their listeners down a stony path of nostalgic thought when they released “Better Days,” the first single from their upcoming 3rd album. The sound both ironic and passionate, "Better Days" somehow perfectly matches overlapping and emotional vocals with a seriously dense beat.

Today, they decided to further this nostalgic beat by fusing their intense music with an even more unique video. A compilation of ’80s and ’90s films Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo, Paris Is Burning, The Boyfriend, Beat Street, and Rappin, director Michele Civetta uses his imagination to visually remind us of a forgotten media outlet. As a modern society that has the ability to reach back into a database of visuals and stories, we almost never recycle imagery. This recycled imagery is even more innovative than anything else; it teaches us that while we all physically only have our own perspectives, our own vision; there’s a certain type of beauty in a shared one. Not to mention, the further sense of irony in this video. He willfully paints an extremely uplifting visual, as the watcher forgets that the social and economic turbulent nature of that time period was far worse than our own. Yet the video takes you out of practicality and into a world of pure bliss. You really do feel that those were the “Better Days.” A phrase so deeply seeded in relavitiy, the sound and visuals of "Better Days" beautifully mirrors the fragility of the phrase itself.

Watch Below.