Aggressive, Sexy and Sweaty; Lady Killa
Rise At Night releases Lady Killa EP

Producers Lliam Taylor and Fiorella Messinian together form the electric duo Rise At Night and have released one of the filthiest tracks for friends and fans to chew on.

You may recognize them as the powerhouse minds behind the speakers when the stars are out at the some of the biggest events around, or on Datsik’s Firepower Records, either way they’re unstoppable. Fiorella is the drum ‘n’ bass producer and vocalist of the pair and Lliam is also a producer and calls himself, Kezwik.

Their EP ‘Lady Killa’ dropped yesterday, June 11th and is already an immediate hit. With the mash up of dubstep, house, rock, hip-hop, electro, moombahcore, ragga, and of course drum ‘n’ bass, Rise At Night reaches a compliant yet outstanding sound that belts through each and every drop, track and remix.


Check out 'Lady Killa Remix' by Whiiite and Rise At Night's other hits, 'Armed and Dangerous' and 'Catfight' featuring Ze below!