Viva la Revolution!
A look at the latest release from Brother Joscephus and The Love Revolution

Last week, Williamsburg-based gospel funk outfit Brother Joscephus and The Love Revolution (long-windedly known as Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra) released their sophomore studio effort, Revolution of Love. Since their inception, this twelve-piece "explosion of love" has brought the spirit of New Orleans with them everywhere they go. Utilizing soulful and powerful vocals, funky rhythm sections, jazz-rock guitar, a big brass sound, and even bigger stage presence in the live setting, BroJo, as they are adoringly called by their fans, is a righteous force to be reckoned with.

After marching their way onto the scene in 2007, BroJo released their self-titled debut in 2009 to rave reviews. Over the next few years, the band worked their way up to playing some of New York's most popular venues, paving the way for their award-winning follow-up release in 2011, an album simply titled Live at Brooklyn Bowl, which showcased the band's outstanding live show. Now, Brother Joscephus has graced us with another release and, to put it mildly, they do not disappoint.

Revolution of Love has everything one could expect from this N'awlins-influenced band, and executed as properly as ever. Led by the Fogerty-esque vocals of Brother Joscephus himself and screaming powerhouse Seoul Sistah #1, the album is a 65-minute journey through blues and funk stylings with secular overtones preaching a gospel of love, acceptance, and unity that one can not help but identify with even before the aptly titled opening track, "Jubilation Day," has concluded. It would be in poor taste not to mention the rest of the band as well, as their tight and incredibly skilled playing in the vein of New Orleans legends like Galactic and Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue are the real drive behind this album. Seriously, to pull off covering a classic like Billy Joel's "Only The Good Die Young" while successfully infusing some Bourbon Street flavor is nothing short of impressive, with a serious emphasis on "impressive." The most important thing about this album (and this band), though, beyond any technical prowess or specific track, is the uplifting energy being brought to the table. This is feel-good music at its finest and BroJo's got the total package—this band is nothing if they ain't fun! Be sure to check out the new single, "Shine On," featured below:


Join the Revolution today by purchasing Brother Joscephus and The Love Revolution's latest record, Revolution of Love, and look out for BroJo bringing the Love to a city near you!