Joonbug Gets To Know Sydney Blu
Joonbug has a few questions for Sydney before she tears down BangOn!NYC

Sydney Blu has established herself as one of the top female EDM producers and DJs in the world.

Originally from Canada, Sydney has performed at some of the biggest music festivals and clubs in the world, along the way gathering support from the likes of Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Deadmau5, and Funkagenda. She's been constantly on the Beatport Charts with hits such as her remix of “Givin It Up” by The Goodmen. Lately, she's been getting closer to her fans by starting a new documentary series that can be seen on Black Hole Recording's YouTube channel. Saturday she was in town to tear down the huge BangOn!NYC event in Brooklyn, and tear it down she did! If you don't believe me just search all the tweets about Sydney Blu's set at the event. Joonbug was lucky enough to sit down for a quick chat with Sydney just before her amazing set at Bang On!NYC.

Welcome to NY! Have you ever played in Brooklyn?

No not yet, I'm looking forward to it! 

You're originally from Canada, how is the EDM scene out there?

It's amazing, Toronto is where I spent most of my time as a DJ. I spent 10 years living there, learning how to DJ. I played all over the city. Guvernment nightclub was the big one. It holds about 10,000 people, I had a residency there for like 6 years. Toronto has an amazing underground scene, people love their techno, lots of good acts come from Toronto.

Do you currently have any residencies?

Yeah, I play a club called Footwork. It's awesome, it's an underground warehouse in Toronto. Within North America I play every major city, some with clubs I play regularly.

I see your in Miami a lot, do you live there?

Actually, I just moved to Los Angeles to be closer to more people in the music industry.

I see you started a documentary about yourself. Can you explain how that came about?

It's awesome. Basically my film crew follows me to one gig a month and they film the whole show from the moment I arrive in the city, to the process of getting ready for the show, the work that goes into it such as studio time and then they film the actual gig. Episode 2 was in Miami for the Winter Music Conference. Episode 3 is coming out in a week. It covers a show I did in Chicago. Episode 4 will be filmed in Toronto at the end of the month.

You mentioned WMC, tell us about the Blu Party you throw in Miami for the event.

The Blu Party is amazing, we do it every year. This year we decided to do a techno party as opposed to doing the bigger room, commercial stuff. We just wanted to take it underground for a change. People loved it, they were so receptive to it.

Can we get a Blu Party in NY?

I would looooove to throw a party in NY! I would also like to do an episode of my documentary here because I think NY is such a great city. I love NY.

Who are your favorite artists to work with?

I worked with Funkagenda a bunch of times. I played his Funk parties. I'm on his record label, it's always good working with him. Same with Gina Star, she's a DJ as well and she's awesome. We're writing a track together right now.

Who are you checking for on your Soundcloud right now?

Recently I'm in love with Reboot an amazing underground techno guy. I really like Art Department. I'm into techno DJs like Dubfire, Richie Hawtin, Eric Prydz, and people like that.

What would be your dream gig?

I would love to play EDC Las Vegas. Also Ministry of Sound in UK.

You have an album dropping soon. When can we expect that?

It's coming out Monday the 24th of June on Beatport and it will be on iTunes July 8th.

What features can we expect?

Well it's a compilation, it has Funkagenda, Mark Knight, Hot Since 82, lots of my own tracks, a record by Gina Star. A big record from Size Records, Steve Angello's record label called "Hit It." Lots of good stuff!

How long is the compilation?

It's a 90 minute mix with about 17 tracks, something like that.

OK, we know your real name is Joanne, why the name Sydney Blu?

Sydney is my mothers middle name and Blu is my first pets name. It was a joke. You know kind of like how you get your porn star name hahaha.

Do you feel any more pressure being a female DJ? Do you think it's harder or easier for female DJs?

I think it's both. I try not to look at it as being a female DJ. I look at it as I'm a person working really hard to be the best. I just go up there and kill it.

What are your influences? Who did Sydney Blu look up to coming up?

Roger Sanchez was one of my favorites, Derrick Carter, Erick Morillo. Danny Tenaglia definitely. I love Danny.

Legends! What can fans expect next from Sydney Blu?

I am releasing this album and touring all across North America for the summer. Then going to Europe and touring.

Sounds awesome! Thank you for talking with Joonbug. Looking forward to a great show tonight!

You're welcome! Can't wait to perform for NY.