Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeah's Release Inspirational Music Video for 'Despair'
From the gritty nightlife of NYC to the peaking sun at the top of The Empire State Building, this video seeks happiness from the fragility of despair.

"Despair," the second single off of Yeah Yeah Yeah's fourth album Mosquito is a beautiful blend of an achingly depressing ode to our favorite emotion 'despair' and the inspirational sound of a great indie rock song. It has a great sound and was met with a substantial amount of success, but the visuals of the newly released video show signs that this song might just be rising back into the spotlight.

Karen O starts it all off with an eerie vocal solo. "Through the darkness and the light/ some sun has got to rise,' her stranded voice is a successful attempt at a dramatizing her vocals while drawing the listener in, a task that Chris Martin of Coldplay has mastered all too well.

Taking the viewer through the journey of the early morning rise of New York City, we dramatically watch all three band members make their way to the top of the Empire State Building. As the sun rises and the song progressively becomes more joyful and light, there's an ever-so slight impulse to run to the top of your roof and start singing inspirational tunes.

Watch Here: