'Atmosphere' Comes to Life
Official Music Video of Kaskade's 'Atmosphere' Out Now

The video begins with Kaskade entering a photo booth, alone. He is dressed very simply, and his demeanor throughout the video matches that simplicity. There is juxtaposition in his demeanor and the demeanor of the other people because he is straight-faced and serious, somewhat melancholy in his singing. This would make sense as Kaskade recently completed his It’s You, It’s Me Redux Tour in honor of all the magnificent accomplishments he has made in the last ten years. Meanwhile, his attitude in the video is offset by all these fans who adore him and his music. Because the process of creating as an artist is solitary, the photo booth could be seen as a metaphor for that as it’s very electronic, as is his music style.

Adversely, the communal experience of listening to his music and his fans is a very non-solitary experience. So it demonstrates that juxtaposition. He begins the music video alone and he ends it alone; in this same way, he began his career alone and will, in the end, finish it alone. The solitary act of creation and the nature of that creation have to come from the individual and be shared and experienced by a wide variety of people. I think this video is a demonstration of the creating process, and perhaps of the fleeting nature of fame and the base condition of being solitary.